Cycling Thread 2.0



this was £70 and it’s baaaaaasically just a ruler

but i’ve justified as saving me £10-15 in LBS costs everything i drop my bike drive side down (which is everytime i touch my bike), reckon i’m on £45 so far.


Yeah, tools like that are handy if you can be arsed/know how to use it. I’d always used to just slap it into the LBS as minor works and tweaks were free.


ooohh yeah I got a new bike.

almost everything about it apart from the frame is a bit silly, it’s great fun:!Au3jzYye685dtAo6XroaopJPBu7W




Yep, really wanna try it on a proper full day ride.

it’s obviously a bit weighty, but seems really comfy, and you can throw it around. I get carried away and start thinking I’m Sagan or something


Cross bike or gravel thing?


Does the link not work? I guess it’s gravel rather than cx although I don’t really know the subtle differences…

here it is on wet sand next to a bin.


really like the look of those. planning to do a bit of bikepacking this summer so need a new bike (obviously) and that’s on the shortlist.

what’s up with your levers though? they’re tuned to the moon


that’s ridiculous thing #4, the bars are flared so the levers stick out god knows where, will try and get a better photo


It does, was just wondering if you knew.




Changed my chain last night: didn’t fuck it up (it’s been a long while since I’ve done it) and I was paranoid that I needed a new cassette too but nope, I don’t! Rode it round the block this morning and shifting is good, needs a small tweak before one last pre-LBL ride tonight.



did you fix @plasticmike 's bike for him?



He rode to work via two different bike shops. The first one told him he needed a new chain (he doesn’t I’ve checked it loads).

The second one told him the cables were running into the derailleur wrong, so they fettled a bit and told him to go ride it round the block. It was slightly better and they fettled again and it was better but still not perfect. Derailluer hanger was straightened and they set up the mech from scratch. They said they could put new cables in :man_shrugging:

I think it’s friction or loads of shit has got into the cable housing from the rainy and muddy rides we’ve done.


gave my bike a good clean last and cleaned/regreased pedals/saddle etc. felt amazing afterwards BUT am still getting a slight creaking/grinding in (i think) the left crank somewhere when i’m up and out of the saddle. really hoping i’m not going to have to do anything with the bb because i am not remotely capable enough to deal with that myself!


Shop for all BB bullshit innit. If it’s a pressfit one I wouldn’t be surprised it creaks. When I bunged mine into the shop for a full service they replaced the BB and my creaking obviously went away. Fucking bottom brackets man.


yeah, i’m thinking i might treat myself to taking it to a shop for a proper service before the dynamo, so they can deal with if it is the bottom bracket!

also, i’ve been so SO lazy recently but i had sort of forgotten how nice it feels to ride a bike that’s had a bit of tlc beforehand.



yeah, I got into a pretty good regime of cleaning my bike after pretty much every ride this winter

hopefully those days are over now though, COME ON SUN!!


Lovely sunshiiiiiiiiiiine, but my god it’s blowy out there.