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Who knew that threads get shut once they’ve reached the maximum number of replies?? Amazing.





Definitely means we won new-DiS


well done us! good work everyone :smiley:


With all due respect, not considering a day off somewhere?

EDIT: I don’t mean to insinuate that you couldn’t do that, just… I’d stick a day off somewhere nice and chill out. Unless thats agaiinst the lejog/audaximati rules :laughing:


Absolutely not.




We did 12 days touring in a row last May and felt fine, though not this sort of kilometrage. I do find once you get going it’s probably best to keep going. If I had a day off I’d be like “right fuck this, I can’t be arsed”.

Plus my sister did it in ten days so we need to do it in nine.


Aye that makes sense tbh. Not sure I quite “get” the audax/touring mindset yet. Fair play to you all; out riding, enjoying, achieving, etc. Don’t want to be either ignorant nor patronising about it. Hope I don’t come across as either. Have a fucking lovely time… I’d genuinely love to do LEJOG at some point. Like RL last year, it’s one to tick off the cycling to do list, imho.


Oh no, not at all. Riding quite slow all day isn’t for everyone! I’ll never be quick but I have stamina so that’s what I wanna concentrate on (in the hope that s l o w l y I get quicker. Maybe).

We’ll be on really lightweight setups as well, no panniers or anything, one change of kit (if that) sort of thing. Bet the weather’s gonna be shite.


LEJOG was the best week of my riding life. Massive sense of achievement and some amazing memories.

Really enjoyed the 5 peaks one, but I was stupidly ill and it was insane considering we aren’t athletes. Broke down in tears at the end of that one.


@plasticniki @rich-t TBH I’d fucking LOVE to do LEJOG. My absolute life goal as a kid was to climb Everest, just to be at THAT moment, THE person on top of the entire fucking planet right then. Similar for LEJOG, like… it’s a huge undertaking, and you’ve… RIDDEN THE FUCKING LENGTH OF THE COUNTRY/NATION/BREXIT/UK/ETC. Would love to tell my kid that I’d DONE that, and they’d be like “woah”.


You’d think k so, but most people, including a lot of cyclists, have been “meh” when I told them I did LEJOG in a silly amount of days. They understand that the 5 peaks challenge I did was physically demanding, but that’s because it was a mixture of cycling and walking. I’d give anything to do LEJOG again. Amazing week or so.


I’d love to do LEJOG. Just seems a great thing to say you’ve done. Not fussed about validation from peers, but resonates with me personally that it would an awesome thing to achieve. One day, eh? (Well, 10 days)


Bought a Wahoo Bolt thing with that deal.

@plasticniki it better blow my mind or else (I will probably sell it)


think they just put that in for a laugh? like “no one is ever going to get to 10,000, what does it matter?”

we fucking love bike chat, mates


What’s the deal? I’d be interested if you do sell.


Use the code GIRO40 to get £40 off a £200 spend at Sigma. They’re on sale for £199 so you need to buy a tube or something to bump it up over £200.


Nice little pootle around the block with my CX club today. 166 km, 29.9 ave. All the watts, and two slices of toast.

I think I need a lie down.