Cycling Thread 3.0

Ooh cool! I’ll know Friday what’s going onnnn. :heart:


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Any segments to star?



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dunno why some cycling gloves are so bad for this compared to normal gloves. i have a pair that i can’t get to go back to normal no matter how much fiddling i do

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The start of Hogtrough is an absolute grind :sob:

I’d be up for meeting you all for a ride but I’ve gotta go collect some stuff for our baby’s imminent arrival, next time!

Yep, it sure is. And that’s a shame, but a good reason!

@Aggpass we’ve picked a nice route rather than a shitload of hills. We go Woldingham School which is Mike’s favourite road, then along Pilgrims Way (another highlight). Then going down Star Hill gives you one of the best views in Kent maybe and lastly Knatts Valley is just :ok_hand:

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really good customer service from Wahoo btw guys. my up button is beginning to peel off (it’s not even very bad) but they’ve agreed to send me a new unit???

my bolt broke (the one I got to replace the old non-bolt one that I lost)

the screen got black lines all over it, and then a few weeks later it died completely

Evans replaced it straight away which was good - but the bolt does seem a little flimsy compared to the older one (maybe that;s why it’s still £50 less expensive for the big non - aero one)

good to hear they are solid on fixing issues though

Nailing the issues on child cycling safety here:

Deep breaths before reading the comments obviously…

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I forgot to post this last week. This whole thread is a hoot:

(he abandoned the hunger strike, apparently)

Anything that dissuades children from a healthy activity and valuable life skill is a very good and sensible decision imo

They can probably just play cycling games on their ‘smart’ phones these days anyway tbh tbf…

how is it up to them what kids do outside school? fuck them

cycle to school then chain your bike outside.

I am absolutely livid about this.

#bantheschoolrun imho

fucking hell - what a bell


i would be happy to own this bicycle

bit boring tbqh


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