Cycling Thread 3.0


on that note @Flashinglight I’ve got loads of spare bits you could have if you wanted? bottle cages, old multi tool & pump, probably some tyre levers. not doing anyone any good sat in my garage.


That would be great :grinning:

I’ll pay you for postage, obviously.


Guys it’s new bike day for me


you getting that new triban thingy?


Hopefully, as long as the Decathers stock checker is correct.





just had a look and my old mini pump is broken but the other stuff is still good, just pm us where you want it sending.


tell me about some nice bottle cages plz ppl

also i appear to have nabbed one of the original adept+ tribans, there was a sticker on the top tube obscuring the adept+ lettering, while it would say triban rc 520 or something silly



Lezyne Road Drive Carbon SL (right load)


Not those on your insta story


whyever not



Bontrager race lite. In black obvs


elite custom race, white (don’t get a white one)

“Used by more Champions than any other cage of the past decade. and japes”


you’re a champion in my eyes japes


these are my fave cages too - have them on pretty much all my bikes


also @howtobealone :stuck_out_tongue:


For any Edinburgh DISsers, the Council are currently running a consultation which gives plenty of opportunity to rant about the appallingly shit cycling infrastructure. Have at 'em:


This is good


Excellent - I’ve stopped patching old tubes (unless it’s an emergency) as I’ve had a few leak air from patches. I’m gonna start sending them here now!


Also big congrats on reaching Athens!