Cycling Thread 3.0




Might be the ugliest bike I’ve seen. Quite angry she’s made me look at it tbh


if it was in london and the right size i’d have it



Let’s not go too far. It’s bad but not the worst




that’s just nasty m9


if that orange bike was made by someone else you wouldn’t look twice at it


Is that a carbon fork?


i think you’ll find it’s high tensile steel :nerd_face:


I’ve got a free month of Trainer Road.

Might begin tonight.



how did you swing that? i fancy trying it


loads of Penge people are on it and always banging on about it - if I sign up I’ll get you one


PS if anyone would like to buy a turbo trainer HMU

it’s this one:


didn’t know the breeders are secret disers


@casinobay you been riding in Utrecht recently?


Evidently so.


Okay so GravelKings are a no no. Couldn’t get them on and I’m not going tubeless so yeah :expressionless:

Winter / hardy tyre options which aren’t spendy, 32mm (max £50/pair) which aren’t tubeless?

Clement Strada LGG 120tpi (£15 each, but I remember @rich-t saying they were crap? Everything I’ve read online says they’re pretty decent.)

4 seasons are too expensive really.

Lifelines don’t come in 32. Michelin pro4 endurance look excellent but not 32, again.

Gonna have to stick with 28s aren’t I. Ffs.


Awful. Far too many punctures.

Personally 4 Seasons or Corsa Gs for me.


Really spendy tho, ffs


4 seasons will last for ages