Cycling Thread 3.0

^still have this jacket in stock, the size 14 is fairly generous and fits me even though I more of a 16 now. Haven’t tried out it’s rainproof credentials but is good against the wind :+1:


Couldn’t ride 3 miles without being knackered now


can you join the short bike ride with us in February though?


I need a seatpost that won’t fail under my substantial weight first, then remember how to ride a bike.


You never lose it, it’s like riding a bike


Never done it pal


Would bang 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015, now


Have enjoyed the black cab drivers’ ongoing blockade of The City, but only just found out that it’s because they are opposing the improvement of cycling/walking/bus lane infrastructure around Tooley Street. As such, fuck those guys - that whole area is a car crash and needs fixing. Black cab concerns should be fairly far down on the list.

Consultation link contained on London Cycling Campaign’s website below for anyone who wants to get involved…’t-let-cabbies-derail-plans-tooley-street


They’ve been at Bank Junction this week (for the entire five days so I’ve still got another three nights to get through) - I believe this time they’re still angry about not being allowed to drive across the junction at peak hours. But yeah, fuck those guys, it’s a total death trap and is miles better since they’ve starting fining motorists for driving through.

Generally not really sure how I feel about cabbies tbh - obviously a valuable resource for mobility and safety purposes, but personally it irks me that they’re basically propped up by the privileged and rich who use them regularly and so are allowed to throw their toys out of the pram when being faced with restrictions. The general push should be towards urging everyone to use public transport (not including cabs here) and encouraging cycling and walking and if that means that cabs are deemed less necessary then so bloody be it.

Oh and yeah I’ve responded to the consultation.


Word :+1:


Ribble have rebranded and brought out loads of new adventure/gravel type bikes, especially nice 725 steel ones.

Might sell my Tour de Fer and get one of these on Cyclescheme


Possibly think I should have bought this instead of the Triban:


Nightmare ride today.

Set off, weather forecast said maybe showers but generally okay, maybe a bit windy. It pissed it down. Soaked. At the bottom of a big hill one of our group got a puncture. We waited. Got freezing. Left them to continue and warm up. Got a bit further but the clouds just looked awful and the rain was heavy. Turned back to head hone going the same way we’d just come to meet the people we’d left behind.

Fine fine. On the way back we’re on my favourite road by Biggin Hill trying to get back quick and there’s a small flood. I cycle through it not realising there’s a small but deep pothole so I hit it full on. Fuck knows how I managed to stay upright, needed some Sagan levels of bike handling I reckon. I’m okay I’m okay. We ride on. Front wheel is out of true but that’s okay with discs. What I also start to notice is I’ve got a puncture. Pull in, send messages to those off the front telling them to go home. Try and get the tyre off. Break two levers. There’s three of us we can’t do it. Eventually after maybe fifteen minutes we get it off. Yes! New tube in. Tyre back on. Can’t get the last bit on. Oh who’s this? A bloke has stopped. We explain the sitch. He has a go. Can’t get it on. Another person appears. There’s now five of us. He tries his tyre lever to poke it in. Snap. Shit. Eventually gets it on. I pump it up. Nope, not happening. Realise the valve has snapped. For fucks sake. Thankfully this time it’s a bit easier. All good, eventually get back in at roughly the same time if we’d just continued on the original route.

Winter riding eh? Fuck sake.


Only done it once ro twice but i find punctures in cold weather impossible, just can get the tyres on or off.

Reckon if I ever go out again in the winter I’ll take something to warm the tyres up, make them more supple. Something like one of those hand warmer gels maybe?? dunno.


Metal levers m9. Srs, get metal levers


metal levers on carbon rims :see_no_evil:


Obviously not if you have carbon rims silly


Overshoes are a total revelation, my feet were so toasty on my ride this morning.

Finally cracked over 30km/h for a top speed too :+1:

Really desperate for mudguards but they keep being out of stock.


just you wait until you go on one of the BW Meats and we do some sweet* techie dees

*terrifying technical descents


110kph (ish, maybe 107kph). Love being a big lad.