Cycling Thread 3.0


using your HRM can be good if you train regularly to identify when you may be coming down with a cold so to take it easier.


So I rode in today with cleats for the first time and although I was probably over cautious and clipped in and out loads, it was really good and I didn’t fall over once or come close to falling over/forgetting I was clipped in.

Does your hip get used to that motion of clipping in and out? It felt a bit crampy on my hip when I did it.

Also if anyone has anywhere that has good sales on, pls let me know. I need new thermal leggings, maybe a top and definitely a helmet.


Power meters are SO EXPENSIVE and only worth it if you’re thinking about racing imho.

I ride with a HRM (when I remember, forgot yesterday :grimacing:) and it’s really great to see yourself improving with a decreasing heart rate over time. At the pinnacle of my fitness my heart rate was so much lower, it’s back up a bit now. One of the weirdest things when riding with one, imho, is discovering how hard it is to get your heart rate up when doing back-to-back long days of riding.


:woman_shrugging: I am afraid I am not aware of this feeling - maybe your saddle is the wrong height?

look on - loads of Polaris stuff (though it’s not particularly stylish, okay for commuting though)


its just your ankle you twist isn’t it? :man_shrugging:


Maybe I’m over twisting and putting most of my leg into it?

i dunno but it feels a bit uncomfortable


I also find it really good for climbing - I am a shit climber and knowing I have a bit of “oomph” left and I’m not gonna die of a heart attack is dead good.

Having said that as my heart rate’s been a bit high recently I sometimes find that a bit disconcerting :confused:



is this super cheap then?

I’ll probably try a hrm. bit worried I’ll get obsessed by the numbers stuff tbh.


My GPS watch has a heart rate monitor, and I do find it useful for running, where I run at different intensities - less so for cycling.


you can use a little allen key to loosen the mechanism of the pedal if you’ve not done that already. may help


Yeah, looks it. I think there are accuracy issues when only using power on one side but not sure really.


This. With cycling i wear one but just to look at after rides and track performance over time (and for those sweet strava relative effort numbers). Running I actually look at it live and use it to manage my effort


Yeah I find hrm great on long climbs, when you can’t often tell how tired you are or how close to the limit on feel alone sometimes.


I thought I had them pretty loose but will try to loosen them a bit more.


oh also I think that only fits FSA cranksets

also review of the Dura Ace version is a bit pants @tricklenipple


oh phew, good looking out. that’ll stop me wasting money I don’t have on something I don’t need just because it’s a bargain.

“Price as reviewed: £649.99”



This is the most badly constructed sentence I’ve ever written, sorry



for something a bit more stylish the La Passione sale looks good:


@meowington some rapha stuff on Wiggle for cheap, incl.:


I saw those but annoyingly I’m an M in Rapha I think.

I’ve gone for these. They’re probably fine?

I currently wear two pairs of leggings :laughing: