Cycling Thread 3.0



my padless bib tights look close to dying and i an absolutely dreading it, as howies don’t make them any more and they are absolutely perfect


*moonwalks into 3.5K-reply thread, high-fiving everyone*

Hello all. Can anyone recommend me a waterproof, breathable jacket? Key features:

  • needs to actually be waterproof (e.g. 10,000mm)
  • needs to actually be breathable
  • preferably lightweight, just a shell to put over other clothes as necessary
  • price bracket £50-£75 (but will go higher if this is unrealistic)
  • doesn’t have to be a cycling jacket - the main need is to stay dry rather than be all aerodynamic.



Won’t be breathable at that price surely?

General rule is waterproof, breathable, cheap. Pick 2


Probably wiggles house brand dhb will be the best thing at the price point, or maybe cathers. Worth checking wiggle though I’d say


no, but don’t think you’ll get a breathable one for <£200 or something stupid


(i’ve got that jacket though and it’s waterproof as fuck. would recommend)


I’ve seen Patagonia shells at c. £100 that claim to be waterproof and breathable (these are more for hiking than cycling but this suits me)


This looks an absolute barg and you can become a full bike wanker in one single purchase


sweaty as fuck, avoid


Really? Also only available in XS or S


they’ve only got mega small left too



even rapha’s rain jacket is really sweaty, mike rarely wears his unless it’s hovering around freezing

my rapha rain shell is very good and breathable but its RRP was something absolutely insane like £300 :man_shrugging:

the best waterproof + breathable jacket i had was a dhb one which is now to big for me but they don’t do anything even remotely similar any more


only breathable waterproof I have is the endura one but that’s > £100


With our new baby I’m restricted to domestic competition (and staying near London) so goals are…

  1. Keep riding at least twice a week so I don’t get dropped by my pals
  2. Lincoln Grand Prix sportive
  3. Dunwich Dynamo
  4. At least one 200km audax, maybe Ditchling again
  5. Some sort of gravelly adventure event
  6. Meet some DiSers for a ride :grinning:

Maybe consider Chase the Sun if home life permits it!


ooh a size Medium is £75…


i thoroughly recommend this one




I’m a size large (yep, save it for thursday) but there are some other similar options on that site at the right price


Probably worth a mooch round an Evans if there’s one local. Imagine their sale prices atm will be ridiculous


or cYclE rEpUbLiC!!!