Cycling Thread 3.0


I’d like a new bike now

Bf is suggesting I should take my bike to the guy who fixes our bikes and get him to put all new parts on/tart it up a bit. But the bike only cost me about £350 about 3 years or so ago.

Shouldn’t I just get a new one for about £500/£600?


Do you want mine?


get yerself down to decathers


How much was this? I do like this one…




lil more than I wanted to spend right now really.


they do a cheaper version for £529


is there a huge amount of difference between them?


Parts will be ‘better’ on Niki’s


on the cheaper one i think the wheels are a bit heavier, and it has cable disc brakes rather than semi-hydraulic ones as well as slightly shitter gears.


:laughing: so just shitter than yours?

No thanks!


however they both do the same thing which is propel yourself forward when pedalled, so :wink:



look, it’s so nice! and it’s not a shit bike in the slightest.


i like this one too


i’d get an arkose over a dolomite because i love to kid myself i’ll do gravel rides one day




This is carbon fork all over again…


that’s generally how the pricing of goods works tbf


I understand how the pricing of things work, I was making a joke.

Not to worry guys, will find someone else to help :+1:


best bet is to go to a shop and try some stuff out to see what you like

I’d definitely get a new one (or a ‘new’ second hand one) rather than spending money on your old one though.