Cycling Thread 3.0


there’s nothing wrong with that dolomite tbf - i wouldn’t really say that the weight is a problem (my winter bike must be closer to 11kgs than 10) but mechanical disc brakes are often said to be shitter than rim brakes, which would be my only reservation - they’re fiddly to adjust and can often feel spongy and unresponsive which means you’re basically getting none of the benefits of disc brakes, with all the shitness of cheap brakes.


Yeah it seems like most road bikes in bike shops don’t really get going til around the £700+ mark which I can’t really afford right now.

I agree, it doesn’t really make sense to put new parts on my old frame cause my old frame isn’t really light or good and will probably just work out to the same price as buying a new halfords carrera road bike.

I wish my work did cycle to work scheme :frowning:




I’d either hold off on getting one or look at second hand then



Seriously, that bike you have linked is fine. The bike Niki linked is fine. Very little between them apart from capabilities of where you could ride it. Most bikes under £1000 are basically the same, with slightly (and I mean slightly) better components as you get towards to top end.

I have no idea what is a good value bike anymore. It’s been a long time since I had a bike at that price point, hence why I put weight as a consideration. But I changed it as people have different considerations from mine.

If it pedals and seems VFM, and makes you smile then choose that bike. That’s all it needs to do. It’s about the rider, not the bike at that price point


Yeah my current problem with my bike is my brakes are a bit shit (they’re rim brakes) and my gears are getting shitty and clunky.

I just feel like it’s time to upgrade as i’m doing far more miles than I’ve ever done before with commuting. I’m not gonna be someone who goes out at the weekend or anything but still this bike has taken a lot of wear and tear.


Yeah that’s kind of as far as I go when it comes to a bike, I think? I feel I should be taking a lot more into consideration when I’m spending more than £500.

I’m used to a heavy bike cause my current one isn’t light at all. Bf has a nice new bike that is super light but that was about a grand I think.


sounds like it might just need a little tune up tbh

if you’re just commuting with minimal hills, look at a single speed. less bits to wear out. i wouldn’t go back to riding a geared bike to work now, there’s no point.


again people say ‘heavy’ only when compared to a £3k superbike. it’s going to be half the weight of a cheapo mountain bike


It’ll be a change to the wheels, gearing or frame between £500 and £1k. Even then, the difference between Sora and Tiagra on Shimano gearing is so minimal I wouldn’t be worried.


if my single speed died suddenly, i’d get this for commuting:



I have a single speed that I’ve ridden that route on many times and it’s not fun. It’s 15km with a fair few long hills and a few short ones (and I ride via Crouch End at least twice a week for gym so that’s a no go on a single speed)


Pinnacle Arkose (& Dolomite) are great bikes. I have a singlespeed Arkose and buying a geared one from a friend this week. Really great vfm and fun to ride. Not much between (I think?) them except clearance for bigger tyres on the Arkose.


oooh, nice. have you seen the new 2019 arkoses? dynamo routing! 3 bottle cage mounts!

they look bloody lovely. so much love for these new style adventure road bikes.


that’s what I’ve got

(but not that exact spec i don’t think)


convinced my sister to get one to replace her knackered boardman hybrid for her commute. she loves it! she’s in bristol so it’s not flat either.


dots is buying another bike? i for one, am shocked


Heard he was opening a bike shop