Cycling Thread 3.0


might be too icy for bikes this weekend :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


I’m probably gonna sell the SS Arkose tbf m8s


Sell the boat so you can afford more bikes?


this has really tickled me


Help me prove a point to some nobbers:

  • “Bee-Twin”
  • “Bee-Tea-Win”
  • A slightly French pronunciation of “Between”

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they’re getting ride of the b’twin name, the new ones just say triban on them. incidentally;

  • try-ban
  • treh-ban
  • tree-ban

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Such a shit name, TRYIBAHN


my friends say treeBAN which i find odd


This all made sense and it was all the instruction I needed to get the job done, thanks Niki :+1:

…except I forgot I still only have a rubbish mini pump so I have given up on completely inflating it for now. Must buy a proper pump.


Is it time for a massive zwift / strava / etc followathon?




Can’t do that, something about blood flow.



haven’t been on zwift for a while. broke my computer and cba taking my work one home all the time.

apparently it works on phones now though so keep meaning to try that


We’ve had a (shit) turbo for ages now. I still haven’t been on it. Really really can’t be arsed.


Oh god, fuck my life. No way in hell these won’t be totally fucking bollocks.


alexa? do a wheelie




Putting together stuff to spend my raffle bike wanker vouchers on finally.

Any maintenance stuff I should think about getting? Got a track pump in the basket to get, already have a multitool, tyre levers, chain lube, decent stock of inner tubes… is it worth grtting puncture repair stuff, or is that not really worth the faff? Anything else important?

Also, current pedals have strapped toe clips which I have been using without the straps because I didn’t get on with them. I don’t think it is worth me switching to proper clipping in because a) not really doing the kind of uninterrupted distances to make it worth it and b) the combined cost of new pedals and cycling shoes will be too much £. I was looking at switching from the annoying flappy bit of plastic I currently have (having removed the strap) to some actual strapless toe clips, like these:
Good idea or not worth the bother of changing things?


i would say so. you generally wouldn’t ever repair one at the side of the road, but take it home and do it and then you have another spare. know lots of people (almost everyone actually) can’t be fucked fixing tubes since they’re not exactly expensive. :man_shrugging:

repair kit should be dead cheap anyway, probs worth getting one

toeclips: no idea tbh. never used them.