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btw if you’re getting a track pump, make sure you get one with a pressure gauge on it (only the absolute cheapest of the cheap won’t have one) they’re really useful


Yep, going for the cheapest one with a gauge (which is a sale one, so not actually the cheapest, if thst makes sense) :+1:


This one is shit:

Its bigger brother, for a fiver more, is great:

I use this one (mainly so I can find it):


I have the II rather than III version of that last one in the basket, getting from wiggle as that is where my vouchers are for.


Great choice! :+1:


If you do get a repair kit just get the Parktools self adhesive patches. In my experience however, patched tubes will evenually fail where you’ve patched them, so it ain’t worth it.

I always carry the little patches with me cos you never know when you might need them, and they’re tiny.

If your mini pump doesn’t do its job I’d say its worth getting a new one. This one is cheap and has good reviews:

Might be worth getting degreaser at some point but Aldi always discount Muc Off stuff throughout the year so you might wanna stock up then instead.


niki’s just shit at fixing tubes



Always get this stuff because it is the best thing ever


I prefer Morgan Blue


!!! :scream:



No :clap: pants :clap: under :clap: bibs :clap:


Maybe a set of decent Allen keys. Multi tools are great, but as you get more confident, there’s things multi tools aren’t as good at.


@japes nerd alert




Is there a name for it where - every time I go for a ride and it’s windy - the wind is blowing against me?






the fens


please no

  1. Emergency teabag.