Cycling Thread 3.0


I’m so happy I have cleats now
i feel like a real cyclist


one of us! one of us! one of us!

wanna cycle to brighton with me on saturday?


I didn’t receive a written application from you to enter B-town


Dear GTim,

Please may I have your permission to briefly enter the Brighton area on Saturday via bicycle?

I may just go over Ditchling and then go to Hassocks via Devil’s Dyke instead actually

Lots of love,


Permission granted

I’m driving to Birmingham and back on saturday - otherwise I might have heckled you at the top of the Beacon


lol no

I have to teach 2 back to back spin classes on sunday


bet those spin bikes look weird


You’ll be joining in on the boring pedal chat in no time


When I picked up my current commuter the seller had chucked a very old and shit pair of SPDs on it so I could ride home (in normal shoes). I took them off almost immediately and put some nicer pedals on, but a few months later I dug the shit pedals out for some other reason. Put them on a bike to test ride it round the block and thought nothing of clipping in.

Tried to unclip. COULD I UNCLIP? No. I had to unclip my right foot first (normally unclip left foot first) which was very alien and then just COULD NOT get my other foot out. Ended up loosening the shoe and pulling my foot out, leaving the shoe attached. :joy:

Obvs a few hours later when I felt ready to resolve the situation I couldn’t get the shoe off without putting it back on could I?



I once rounded the bolts on a pair of Look Delta cleats so badly I had to saw through the bolt to change the cleat. That was a fun few hours

#pedalchat #nobstalk


always grease those cleat bolts everyone


have SPD cleats ever died? i suspect not. but yes. GREASE.


Nah it was me using shit allens to get them out. They hadn’t frozen in or anything. I’m just totally useless. They are also pretty rubbish cleats. The front part kept snapping off.

#pedalchat #nobstalk


yeah I wear them out - and I’ve rounded bolts before (no grease/ too lazy to scoop all the mud out the bolt before attempting to unscrew)


Time cleats are the worst for that though. Really flimsy things and would snap at a whim. Remember breaking one about an 3hrs from home once. It would not engage at all, so I effectively rode 1 footed for 60 miles.

Don’t get me started on the time one of the rails on my saddle snapped and I rode 40 miles home stood up

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had the bolts work loose once so I couldn’t unclip, the shoe just rolled around the pedal. major panic when approaching a busy set of traffic lights

#nobstalk #pedalchat


I had this once and the result was me toppling over. Luckily I was off road and there were no witnesses bar a couple of cows maybe


You’ve all lost me.

I just like the pedals.


I had to unclip the unfamiliar side, which probably would have been fine if I had had time to think about it. when you’ve already slowed down to a standstill it becomes a challenge.


You’ll get there

There’s a whole world of pedal discovery for you yet