Cycling Thread 3.0


Cycled through Glasgow once and the tarmac was melting. So hot.


had 1 day of rain in my 5 day outer Hebrides adventure. :man_shrugging:


yeah it’s like that all the time


Shit tarmac


when we got the train from wick to inverness it was the day those tiles melted on a roof in glasgow i think


Things melt quite often in Glasgow


Was it A Sunny Day In Glasgow?

little band joke there


This comment led me to the Wikipedia page for munchy boxes for some reason…

There have been reports of healthier options of munchy boxes. The healthy option composed of tortillas, cherry tomatoes, a salad, boiled eggs, sliced gammons, raw red onions, nachos, chicken mayo, a sprinkling of cheese and other healthy foods. Sushi is sometimes included in the healthier option.

Chinny reckon :rofl:


Want someone to carry your bags? I’ve been toying with driving this for a while.



Would absolutely love a food supply though :smiley:


just drive beside us shouting motivational slogans :smiley:


“Bike wankers”


‘Cycling’s for mugs, you could be in this warm, dry car!’


that would be AMAZING


or pumping out ‘the rat’ with the windows down and watch aggers get the KOM for every hill going


Love the idea of a bike wanker ride with a support car :grinning:


@plasticmum has fulfilled this role before


randonnee 2016 and 2017

i actually bailed in 2017 because someone crashed into me and bent my crankset and i was bleeding and it was raining and cold and richt ABANDONED too

we should do the IoW again plz but on a different weekend


I think I am certainly being an idiot here, but I have my new pump and I cannot get it onto the valve (presta). The video I looked at the guy just whacked it straight on, but it doesn’t seem to fit like that. I hate bikes.


what pump did you get?

make sure you undo the value of the tube you want to pump up. if you bought a floor pump where you push the nozzle on, you will need to do something like this:

sometimes it helps to relieve a bit of air from the tube before putting the nozzle on.