Cycling Thread 3.0


I got it in the end… just required a lot of force, I guess it was stiff being new. Can’t seem to inflate beyond ablut 60psi though, probably me being weak.

Edit: up to about 75.


I was pretty hungover


I remember you went to bed at about 4am didn’t you? Was surprised to see you there tbh.


Yeah. Went to the craft beer co in Islington the night before and got pretty pissed, then say up watching mad men. Cycling to Southampton probably wasn’t the best idea


I’d be more inclined to go if there was because then I can just get in the car when I get tired/fed up


Also if you get to a climb and don’t quite fancy it you can hop in the car and sit it out.


Put me down as a probably too.




Actually pretty much the entirety of June and July are free for Mike and I at the moment - my last PBP qualifier is the weekend of June 1st and then PBP itself is the middle of August. So basically that window? 5 days is what, ~165km a day? Very doable.


or hold on to the side and get pulled up the hill?


If you did want to do this, I think @Tilly would be keen to come and give you some company/encourage people to drink so much that they couldn’t cycle the next day.


I’d be so up for this (from a support/holiday thing, not riding probably done with bike riding now tbh.) if I wasn’t getting married in August


fancy being our Mallorcan support vehicle over easter?


No monies m9


Scotland could be tempting, friends


:smiley: five days in a car with someone she hasn’t met before, has she thought this through properly? :smiley:


how are we all saying Deceuninck then?
or we just calling them quickstep?


Quickstep because our entire flat has Quickstep flooring and I refuse to believe they’ve left the pro peloton.


They’ve not left the pro Peloton. Theyre co or secondary sponsors, not the title sponsors. Everyone will call them QS regardless as nobody will CBA to call them Deceuninck-Quick Step


Here’s a thing:

Last year occasionally we were joined on rides by a guy who we suspect isn’t a proper Penge member but instead is just a member of the Facebook group. He was fast and fit in quite well and seemed nice on the surface. HOWEVER. At some point last year on a big bike ride things turned a bit weird. We stopped for some food somewhere and he, well, got a bit racist and was chatting a lot of shit about Tommy Robinson and how the media’s recent depiction of far right rallies in Poland wasn’t accurate (he’s Polish). I got a distinctly racist vibe from him that afternoon and everyone got a bit uncomfortable. Then on the way back through Penge he lost his shit at a close-passing car and started getting violent with the driver and swearing. A terrible look for the rest of us in Penge gear. One of my pals who was cycling nearest him at the time had a go at him, rightly so. Anyway our hope was that he’d go away after this. Which he did. Now he’s reappeared asking to ride with us at the weekend.

This isn’t cycling specific at all, but how the fuck do you tell someone they’re no longer welcome to ride with you? An easy way is to just arrange riding in private but it created cliques and there are already enough in the club.



Send him this gif