Cycling Thread 3.0


EF Education First kit launch. I don’t like it, but I don’t hate it.


What they gonna wear in the giro tho


that’s alright akshually


I love it


Ofo have pulled out of London.


Stupid Google amp thing breaking the links


Totally died on my ride today. Had absolutely nothing in my legs. Why is it that some days are fine and others are inexplicably not?


A metaphor for life.

were you meant to be cycling back?


Nah. Thought about it but knew it’d be a bit hilly. Got a flat 200 next weekend :grimacing:


how windy does it need to get to stop you going out?

  • 20mph
  • 30mph
  • giphy%20(1)

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I’m bored but it’s blowing strong enough to make the house shudder.


usually not too bothered about wind. I’m quite heavy. takes a fair bit to knock me over.


Supposedly was about 17mph when I went out earlier and it was fine. Would probably get scared at over 20mph though because I am a wimp.


alright but if I get blown into a lorry I’m haunting yous


just make sure you’re going out into the headwind so you get the tailwind home


The only time I’ve not gone riding because of wind was 60mph+ on the Isle of Wight. Fuck that.

I did just bail on a long ride today because my legs were fucked from yesterday and the headwind coming back into Penge was horrific, similar strength to the absolutely insane headwind on the return leg of the 600km ride in the Fens. So so tough. I don’t really mind being blown around a bit but headwinds for long periods are energy sapping and awful.


Wind around Brighton wasn’t toooo bad today

If it’s windy I’ll generally go mountain biking as it’s generally less exposed, and you can get away from the wind by going to the woods


I did a ride out along Worthing seafront during one of the massive storms in 2014. Was hitting 45mph on the flat with the tailwind. Coming back was a grovel though. Didn’t get above 13mph.


didn’t enjoy that at all


Mens elite CX (British champs) just about to begin on YouTube guys


Bit of a shame that it’s finished after 14 minutes.