Cycling Thread 3.0


my favourite bib tights died the other day. i wore my other ones this weekend (all unpadded, so i can wear my good shorts underneath) and they are way too fucking hot. i need some new UNPADDED bib tights without that fleecy roubaix lining inside. can i find any? can i fuck.i’m gonna be forced to get mens ones aren’t i. no i cannot wear waist tights. and no to leg warmers (i am fat and it just gives me that horrible muffin top effect which is v uncomfortable)


Running leggings?


i really need that bib bit otherwise the waist band just rolls down over my enormous belly


Why don’t you like padded bib shorts?


I cycle 6-7 days a week. I would need 3 or 4 pairs. I have numerous bib shorts (like maybe 10 pairs), so it’s way easier from a very regular cycling / washing POV to wear different shorts every day and only wash tights every week or so.


I can empaphise with this. Think I will need bib shorts when it gets too warm to wear all the layers to hide my lumps.


i probably just need to find some leg warmers i get on with, don’t i


Ah, right. Yeah, maybe leg warmers are the only way to go.

You’d think that someone would make summer unpadded bib tights, somewhere.


When you’re cycling in London surrounded by bikes and have seen the numbers increase in recent years, it’s easy to forget that the foundations for that might not be solid: (ignore the millennial-bashing headline - they’re still the demographic most likely to ride a bike)


Howies, who made my previous unisex well-loved tights make a new version specifically for men and not women. I have emailed them to see what they say about the fit.

Lusso make unpadded women’s bib tights but they have foot stirrups (annoying as I’m short and they’ll likely bunch up) and they’re water resistant, so thicker than I’d like. That’s literally the only pair of womens specific ones I’ve found.


happy with the quality of the lusso stuff Ive got tbf :+1:


interesting (probably not) to see two decathlon bikes in’s bikes of the year (numbers 7 and 1):


Most of those look like the same bike :thinking:


nice to see that i bought the second best <£1k bike of 2018 :slight_smile:


anyone made rice cakes for ride snacks before?


No, but I did make a power Ball/bar thing. It was shit. Don’t bother


i’m not listening OR talking to you any more


End game complete

that post wasn’t a dig, and you know that


Like rice krispie cakes or snack a Jacks??

Couldn’t be bothered to make either tbh


i know, #bants!

my mate who i’m riding with at the weekend doesn’t want to have a break until kilometre 169 :scream: (yes i know, nice) so i thought i’d make some stuff to keep me going but let’s face it, i can’t be arsed. i’ll just buy some fig rolls and soreen.