Cycling Thread 3.0


Is that why you have all that rapha?



genuinely is the stuff that fits me the best

plus: BREVET


that’s super helpful, thank you! she may well want disk brakes for the security, but we shall see.

i think it highly likely it’ll come down to how it looks more than anything else. will let you know how we get on.


been trying to fit some actual bike training back in on top of gym stuff. it’s not easy. found i can do short hard intervals easily enough, but i’m useless at longer efforts now. (which is what i obviously need to be training)

figured out through trial and error i can’t do any hard efforts on my off days, just makes me useless at both lifting and cycling. but if i do leg work in the morning i can still knock out some bike sessions later the same evening. just means the next day i can barely walk / function.


can’t imagine doing legs and cycling on the same day :face_vomiting: pretty glad I’ve been banned from squatting altogether tbh

think I’ve been on the opposite side of things - basically all my riding has been going at a medium intensity for 2ish hours, but never really pushing unless I’m going up a 10%+ hill or whatever. learning to actually give it some in short bursts at a higher cadence than I would up a hill has been miraculous. am pretty thrilled.


wish i could learn this

(i have just cancelled my trainerroad sub, really cba)


yeah it’s not great banter

oh shit :slightly_frowning_face: what happened?


have you done some pure sprints ones? if you’re all the way over on the endurance side maybe going to the opposite will help. is that how it works? (I don’t know how it works).


MC shitback

I don’t make connective tissue properly and had a load of back problems through it, doctor’s ended up saying just don’t bother risking putting lots of load on my spine. it’s not like I loved it anyway.


i just have no motivation for doing turbo sessions

(as the weather is getting better it’ll be fine, as soon as i can go out in the evenings again i’ll get back on top of building fitness)


would a velo session sort you out, doing one sprint lap, then recover etc. although going round in circles is only marginally more interesting than a turbo :confused:


i quite like the velodrome

problem is it’s only on tuesdays you can take yr road bike, and i think it gets quite busy. i’d love to get accredited and do race training but i don’t have the time really, or a track bike.


disc brake wankers - with new pads, what material / coating (not sure the right term here) do i want? don’t want squealing, do want very good stopping power. don’t care if they don’t last that long.


sintered is my default choice - most mountain bikers use them

on the road pads seem to last forever so I wouldn’t worry that much TBH


cheers me dears


I’d check what pads your specific brakes take first too, there doesn’t seem to be anywhere near as much choice for road discs as for mtb

certainly for shimano anyway. last time i looked i couldn’t find any aftermarket pads for mine, had to get the official shimano ones


uberbikes have loads:


Think I’m using these currently, cos that’s just what fits. Never squealed cos I clean 'em.


looks like they only have one for shimano road discs

(one more than the last time I looked though, cheers)


oh no wait, I’m talking shite. they’ve got loads.

good stuff pnikkers cheers