Cycling Thread 3.0


There’s an excessive amount of disc brake chat in this Cycling Tips episode:


i’d just like to amend this post one more time and say that upon closer inspection, they do actually only offer one set of pads that work for my brakes.

this is why i bought so many the last time i needed them. it was a headache trying to see what would fit and what wouldn’t.


why are disc brakes such twats


i think it’s because when they were relatively new shimano hadn’t settled on a standard yet and were using a few different kinds and i guess aftermarket manufacturers didn’t want to develop stuff that there would be no demand for so kinda waited to see what standard become the norm

wish there was an competent governing body for bike standards. just get one bottom bracket that works, one axle size, one hub width etc etc


You aren’t selling me on the RC 500 here, Niki.


they’re much better at braking though :wink: (plus those brakes have loads of pad availability)




i have a stem which has torx head bolts :grimacing:


I might take this to the lipster, sister irrational thread but when re-/building and I need like five different fecking things, or I’m constantly changing the torque wrench and ARGH. When I design bikes, everything will be a 5 mm bolt. EVERYTHING. Including cranks. Just thirty 5mm bolts.


thirty five mm bolts would be fucken huge


One man
One goal
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Yeah, one god


What about the road track at the Velopark? Surely more interesting than velodrome, still a bit dull on your own I guess.



I had one and it made me angry






zwift training plans are fucking annoying

it makes you wait 24hrs until you can do your next workout. which sounds fine, but if you did one at 7:15 last night then you’re not allowed to do one at 7:00 the following night, you need to wait another 15 minutes for the 24hrs to have passed. absolutely fuck off mate. who can be arsed with that bollocks?

you can just fuck off the training plans and do each workout individually which kind of makes the whole thing pointless anyway. really don’t understand it.


@bikewankers assemble!

So my new flat doesn’t have the storage space I’d imagined it had to store my bike, so it’s currently outside chained to a wooden fence like this.

I don’t really care if it gets stolen but obviously it’s going to rust being exposed to the elements. Anyone got any experience with waterproof bike covers (basically all I care about it that it’ll keep it mostly dry, not blow away and be easy enough to get on and off). Thanks.


nope. never used one. can’t imagine there’s much difference between them. do yourself a favour though and lock it like this instead


don’t want your wheels getting nicked

(an extra cable looped through the back wheel would be good too)


I tried to do that but the lock wasn’t long enough so it was either lock the wheel or lock the frame. I’ll need to buy an additional lock for the wheel.

Excellent photoshop skills btw


You should make spot the difference puzzles for a living japes