Cycling Thread 3.0


try and get all five!



I’ve got four, five if you’re including the lock?




What a stunning day here again. Nice fast loop around Essex in the sunshine.

Get out there tomorrow riders, it really is the best weather for it!


was 17° here according to my phone


went up this nasty sod, not as quick as this guy tho


Got a 200 planned :ok_hand:

I’ve been monstrously hungover today so hope I feel better tomorrow


Serves you right for having £400 of booze


I’m going to a gig tonight. I just want to sleep please


Who you seeing?




Fast loop round Essex sounds relevant to my future interests, do you have a route for it?

Still sick, so no bike for me tomorrow disappointingly.


Ah well, can’t win them all


ok so my pedal is actually broken

I had secured it back on but it keeps coming loose when I cycle

gonna have to get it fixed.

any ideas how much that should cost?


I think the threads have been damaged


^ what the rest of the boards say every time one of us bike wankers pops up amarite



Is it the threads on the pedal or the crank that have gone? The former will be cheaper for sure


the crank :frowning:


That sucks. I have asymmetric cranks on my fixie cause one of mine rounded too. Adds character I reckon


I’d get it to a shop. Is it a new bike - might be able to get it repaired on warranty if it is


this is second hand from my sister

I think she was cycling around without tightening it enough and it’s been moving around