Cycling Thread 3.0


is it a triban or am I misremembering? if it is & it’s on the non chain ring side I’ve got a spare crank arm if you wanted it. would have to check compatibility tho


yeah I’m gonna take it to a shop

@plasticniki where is best?


it’s this but it’s on the chain side

I don’t really mind paying for a new one though if it’s not eyewateringly expensive

(bike was free)


think it was quite cheap , £20 or something for the full crankset


learning about how bikes work now fucking hell


How many bottle cages is too many bottle cages ?my new bike I’m getting in a couple of weeks has mounts for three !


My tourer has three :man_shrugging:

You can also put other stuff on them, tools, spares etc


Oooo God thinking. I suppose there must be tool kits etc that are specifically designed to be mounted like that. Anyone recommend anything or have any links ?would like to do some shopping for my new bike before she arrives !


SE20 Cycles in Penge. Comptons in Catford is my local and I trust them but Winnie in Penge is the best. I think you’re between the two?

Can you tell me what type of crankset it is? Brand? Should be printed on it somewhere a couple or three numbers. 50-34 for example.


What bike plz

I’d use the one near the BB for tools


Didn’t eat enough on my ride today and I feel dreadful now. Bashing out a 200 in glorious sunshine in February was fantastic though.

Also I had two sausage rolls :ok_hand:


I had 4 hot cross buns today m9. Let’s not brag


I would like some hot cross buns now plz

God I’m so shattered


Kudos on a 200 niknaks :ok_hand:t2:


Thanks m9


it says: Shimano SORA 9S 50-39-30 MR


I know that it’s a gravel bike and not a full road bike and therefore letting the standards of the thread down but its exactly perfect for the riding I do on gravel cycle paths ,along cycle route 15 and the various crappy unmarked roads which are more stones and scree than tarmac so i can’t bloody wait to get my hands on it.


I heard some deviants in the thread actually ride mountain bikes


See that’s why i wanted a gravel bike cos all the best rides round my way (like all the way around the north Kent coast )aren’t road bike friendly for a lot of the way but i don’t want to spend all my time on a mountain bike every time I want to get from Sheereness to Ramsgate.


As soon as I saw the Cannondale link I thought I HOPE IT’S A TOPSTONE and it was. Excellent excellent choice.