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Seem to be ~£50 new. I’d take it to one of the bike shops I mentioned and see what they say. They may be able to fix it.


Has anyone ever been to one of Sigma Sports’ warehouse clearances?


the internal thread bit on my valve kept working lose somehow and slowly deflating the tyre, changed the tube out and now that one’s doing the same thing. reckon I’ve just got a bad batch of tubes or is my pump damaging them maybe?


are you sure it’s the valve? did you check the inside of the tyre for any dirt or whatever that might be causing a slow puncture?

or even check the old tube to see if it was punctured?



@tricklenipple check the tubes; put them in the sink and watch for bubbles to see if you can spot any holes

highly doubt it’s a bad batch of tubes.

(unless they’ve both been patched, in which case there’s yr problem)


fairly sure it’s the valves, the internal threaded bit popped out completely the first time i took the dust cap off, and is clearly working loose every time I’ve pumped it up since. i’ve not submerged the tubes yet so could be a puncture too, like.


conti tubes?




i’d do that first. i mean it could be the valve, but even riding around with them unscrewed i wouldn’t have thought they’d deflate very much

mine are unscrewed all the time deliberately bc i’ve got valve extenders on them :man_shrugging:



^+1 - the little twisty presta bit snaps off of conti tubes. Especially prone to breaking if you’re using a crap pump (or a handpump)


or any pump which screws onto the vale (lezyne mini pumps are ace, but you absolutely cannot use them with conti tubes because of this reason)


if you have some loctite threadlock knocking about a dab of that on the valve thread bit that keeps coming undone should solve the problem

I like this kind that is like a prit stick - loads of bike uses and will last for ages|pcrid|224653346133|kword||match||plid||slid||product|SA03340|pgrid|50784644841|ptaid|pla-637990826153|&CMP=KNC-GUK-CPC-SHOPPING&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIlqnu-rjZ4AIVirftCh0CKgZfEAQYBSABEgKoaPD_BwE

not really something you should really need to do, but some pumps are inclined to make them come lose


great when you get a flat out in the middle of nowhere to suddenly remember that you glued your valves shut


maybe I’ve misunderstood the issue

I mean loctite on the valve core, as I thought the problem was that coming undone

shouldn’t be any reason to undo that during a ride or when fixing a puncture

I’m not saying anyone should loctite the air hole shut


you should loctite yr airhole shut

i thought he meant the valve tip, idk


Could do with a new warehouse tbh


yeah it’s this, not the tip. (happened again lol)

also cheers


you can get little tools to tighten them, but you might find your multi tool has a bit designed for that. Pliers also work

but yeah, a dab of loctite will help as some pumps (i.e. leyzyne) seem to loosen them every time


My mate has sold his Cervelo S3 and bought this. Greg Henderson’s bike from 2yrs ago. That built up would look lovely