Cycling Thread 3.0




It’ll be the first bike of his I’d be properly envious of.

2010 Trek Madone - meh
2011 Trek Madone - meh
2012 BMC RoadMachine or something - :nauseated_face:
Van Nicholas Aquillo - nice bike, but my lynskey is nicer.
Cervelo R5 - didn’t look as nice as I thought it would
Cervelo S3 - :nauseated_face:


Just did 25miles out to a farm cafe in Kent and back. Unbelievable weather. Think I’ve sunburnt my neck. Way out was a bit of a slog but fet like I was absolutely flying on some parts of the way back (after an iced coffee and a bagel :ok_hand:t3:)

Problem with the gears now though, keep slipping and are clicking constantly. cba to take it back to Halfords, obviously they struggled to build it correctly in the first place so will have to take it to Seabass or somewhere. Wish I knew how to fix shit like that.

Treating myelf to a beer on the balcony now. Can’t wait to die in a fiery catastrophe in the next few decades!


wish i was out on my bike today :slightly_frowning_face:


re: gears

sounds like they’re fucked so why don’t you try fixing them? not like you’re going to make them any worse

it’s not that hard once you’ve done it a couple of times


just saw your strava - nice work! holmwood is a penge favourite. one of my favourite loops continues down shire lane, then up four elms or whatever it is, through downe then back via jail lane and biggin hill airport. can go very quick along there.

i can show you how to fix those gears btw? i am picking up saddlebag from someone not far from you it looks like after work today. just give me a shout!


the big madge is soon


I am always terrified of doing irreversible damage, but if you’re promising me it’s safe japes I will look for some YouTube videos this evening…


can’t wait m9

seven weeks today?


I saw some Penge wankers on the way out there! Group with at least 3 or 4 Penge jerseys - I did wonder how they can all be out on a weekday afternoon together (unless they’re all ‘funemployed’ like me…)

I will message you about the gears now…!


that was my mate clare (she’s retired) plus a whole bunch of others who are part-time / freelancers. absolute bastards imho.


Sounds like the gears need realigning. There’s a really good GCN vid for gear realignment on YouTube


i need to book a hire car


I need to sort out some level of fitness.


more worried about my wardrobe tbqh


If it’s a new bike the gear cable has probably just stretched a bit - totally normal and basically all bike shops do on their “free 6 week tune up” is turn the barrell a bit to tighten it


pniks has just very kindly given me a crash course in ‘turning the barrel’ :+1:t3:




Ooooooo whereabouts in Kent? Bloody love a good cycle around the garden of England in the sunshine!


packing for 4 days adventuring with only about 10 litres of space in winter is… difficult, innit? would be okay if i didn’t need to take casual clothes :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless: