Cycling Thread 3.0


ah damn, forgot there was decent cycling on.

how are GB doing now Cugat has left cycling?


You need to get on the correct thread Mr.


oh, can’t find it



ta :sweat_smile:


This is good


still reckon cycling around manhattan would be pretty difficult if you had no idea what you’re doing like


Can I ask for sizing help please? So I’m getting the cannondale topstone as mentioned above and my local bike shop (who are a top bunch) told me I’d probably want the large frame and I had a ride on a large one (phwoarl) and put my deposit down straight after.

But… I’ve discovered online that the topstone does come in an extra large and I’m 6ft 2 so if the extra large isn’t for me who is it for? Different websites seem to have different size guides.

Local bike shop said today that I COULD go for the extra large and it might even be faster but it wouldn’t be as comfortable and I’d be more comfy on longer rides with the large because I wouldn’t be stretching forward too much. They also don’t have an extra large for me to try and said they’re really hard to get hold of…

So. What do we reckon? 6 ft 2,should I be on an extra large? Should I delay getting the bike to see if they can get the extra large in? Should I just experiment with a longer headstock or stem angle or something? Thoughts welcome!


It’s not just your height to go off unfortunately.

You could be all arms so prefer a longer reach etc

It’s one of those things where you won’t know unless you sit and ride in both :man_shrugging:


pull up the geometry chart for your current bike and compare it to the one for the cannondale

going off height alone doesn’t really work


I’d have probably suggested an XL over a large tbf, but it depends on the geometry. You’ll possibly get away with a L, but you may need a long seatpost


also worth remembering if you’re in between sizes, it’s easier to make a small bike bigger than it is to make a big bike smaller


Yeah thanks all those are useful points.


Took my bike into @plasticniki’s bike shop in Penge. Nice bike wankers :blush:


Got a bit annoyed with people getting annoyed with me for claiming that my bike trip wasn’t difficult, and insisting I was just being modest. I was basically sat down for three months paddling my little legs around a few thousand times a day. Anyone can do it!


I reckon there’s a mental aspect of it a bit. Also, it is a pretty big deal to do such a long tour.

But yeah the gist is right :blush:


What happened? Did Winnie fix it?


spoke to some other guy

picking it up in a few days


this is a lovely looking bike isn’t it


Can we coordinate anti-Penge? What colours do Paragon wear?