Cycling Thread 3.0


It’s Belgian-lite…


Fake Belgians vs Fake Italians. Perfect


Right lads. Booked a last minute flight to Faro leaving tomorrow and have ~3 weeks to get to Malaga taking an indirect route as that’s quite a lot of time.

Anyone have any experience or tips? Would like to head to the national parks but also dip in and out of the bigger cities. Seville seems logical then I have a friend in Granada and another in Malaga.



Granada and Seville are bloody great cities.

It’s not on the way, but Cabo de Gata national park and the Tabernas desert is pretty insane for western Europe, it just looks ridiculous. I found it hard to believe I was in Spain at times, it’s pretty remote, especially north of Tabernas.


Ace, I’ve got those two bookmarked, cheers.

If I went Faro -> Seville -> Cordoba -> Granada -> Almeria -> Malaga taking the desert in on the way would still be less than 1000km it seems. Totally doable in 3 weeks!


Sounds absolutely great!


Spent this evening feeling out making a mate loads of routes from Winchester and around. Definitely prefer that to cycling


Slowly getting there

please no one mention I was unable to get up the Paterberg, Koppenberg and Molenberg properly, the latter due to an aggressive driver and the others because I simply lack the power


Spent a happy couple of hours straight after school test riding my new canondale topstone at my local bike shop. They’re a great bunch and let me ride for half an hour with one stem and then swap it out/ change the angle to find the one that worked best for me. Give for the large rather than the extra large but with a longer stem. Feels bloody great. Picking it up on Saturday, so excited!


Downside : still have loads of marking to do


What are people’s recommendations re storage these days? Have a backpack for an extra layer and some food but I feel like I’ll be riding the gravel bike all day when I get the chance and I’m not sure I’ll want the weight going through my back. Do the cool kids go for those huge under seat packs these days?


Don’t backpack. I would get a frame bag if I were you, or a bar bag for stuff that needs to be easily accessible. For example:


Ooooooo that long frame thing looks perfect! Ta! So you have any recommendations for brands or places to buy such things?


There’s loads! Restrap, Apirdura, Alpkit are the “big three” but there’s loads of smaller bike bag makers who could even make you something bespoke: Mack Workshop, Bigxtop, Naff Sacks. I saw something on Etsy recently by Bumbags Project which looked great. If you’re on a budget, Planet X have stuff too.

^might be worth a look for inspiration


Wow that’s loads of ideas! Thank you so much! This thread has been really helpful :slight_smile:



I’m always a bit jealous of people with nice frame bags: my frame is too small for even a custom one, so I make do on long rides with a top tube bag, and I bash my knees on it when out of the saddle, and the velcro strap has bobbled some of my very best lycra.


Cycling anywhere with a block system is actually piss easy :+1:




slightly regret not getting this:

looks lovely doesn’t it


it does :+1: and an XL fits me :open_mouth: