Cycling Thread 3.0


Yay! This is now the gravel bike thread! :grinning:


Now this is a gravel bike

Really don’t like that small rear triangle that Triban has. Obviously it’s personal preference mind.


Not keen on the differing tube thicknesses here

obvs I’d happily have it tho


That’s their thing. Oversized and tapered toptubes and downtubes. Slightly weird to look at, I agree, but when you ride one, you understand why.

That’s my frame, has the same thing going on. Just think it’s their design. Could be worse though, look at these seat stays!


Yeah agreed, looks like a cheap 00s mountain bike


I normally like Lynskeys, but that particular ones a nope


Took my new gravel baby home yesterday and had my first proper ride today. Cycling thread say hello to Rocinante! (we all name our bikes right? Right?)


None of my bikes have proper names on Strava :man_shrugging:

  • My bikes have names
  • No, no they don’t

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So windy today. At one point my phone said that there were 80km/h winds :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

My legs feel like I’ve ridden a 300km ride ffs. Very very silly.


My new topstone was GREAT with the gales today. More chilled out geometry meant that I was much more comfortable staying out of the wind on the drops for long periods even at low speeds, which was definitely not the case on my old road bike. Also just felt much more stable and less blown about, maybe cos if the tyres or the wider handle bars.

In conclusion :heart: my gravel bike


You know what to do…


Ooooooo never used strava. Only just got into komoot, looks fun though


I’m in! :grinning:


Hit by a car turning left this morning :+1:luckily I could see him inching across into my path for a bit beforehand so was entirely shocked when he swung into the turn without indicating. I was in a designated cycle path Fwiw.

I’m fine, managed to get a nice scratch all down his passenger door though and broke a mirror.

That’s 2 incidents now where I’ve ended up less damaged than the car or occupants, don’t really want to keep pushing my luck…


shit, is the bike okay?

glad you’re okay chief. hope you reported him


Christ. Hope you’re ok. Report them to the police if possible


fuck sake.

what was his reaction?

glad you’re okay.


I see so many close calls of this scenario at the junction down the hill from me - I can’t help feeling cycle paths arranged like this actually massively increase risk for cyclists - even when drivers are looking/ checking their mirrors, no one seems clear on who has the right of way