Cycling Thread 3.0


Yeah was one of these:

Normally more than happy to concede right of way to cars turning left, although fairly sure I have priority, but when they don’t indicate…


I hope bike is OK its pretty bullet proof usually. … It was a pretty slow collision, I didn’t actually come off the bike.

Driver was a bit shocked, insisted it was his priority because he had a green light at first. Then apologised and told me not to worry about his car :rofl:



imagine saying this when you’ve also not indicated. also he should only have turned left when it was clear ffs.


finished this yesterday, really good:


makes me never want to cycle in india

anyone read any decent books about cycling recently?


I read this a year ago or so, so many little things irked me a little - I think I was half in awe of her and half found her massively irritating.

Although the bit with the wolves (or was it wild dogs?) :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


it is a bit OH I FOUND MYSELF AND IT GAVE MY LIFE MEANING but i liked her style of writing and the story is genuine and good. makes me never want to cycle in india, mind.

oh i already said the last bit up there, ffs


have you ever thought about cycling in India Niki?


“lightweight” touring ideas needed:

london to somewhere
~1600km over a week or so

will be in july so northern europe weather will be okay :crossed_fingers:

nice? berlin?

stares at map


Nice or into Italy


I can’t steal themanfromicon’s thing again

Or can I?


Course you can.


1600km there, or 1600km there and back?




Amsterdam > Utrecht > Hamburg > Copenhagen > Stockholm


Ferry to Santander/Bilbao. Cycle to Marseille over the Pyrenees, then head North through France to Calais or somewhere near to get ferry/train back to UK


Love this idea. Quite a few ways into France as well. The ferry is £110 ish though.


cost is fine, and yeah, liking this idea a lot


It’s a mad bargain considering you roll on and off the ferry, no packing of bikes, no taxis to the airport, no airport security, get a nice cabin and can chill out on board. Fucking great way to travel.


Cycle down to Portsmouth, across to Santander, along the coast, into the Basque country, over the border via a few different climbs (recommend St Jean Pied de Port on the other side of the border in France, totally beautiful or into the Iraty valley via La Pierre St Martin) out of the Pyrenees into the Tarn. Man could be great.

@deadonthestairs, yeah ferry travel is great for many reasons, but £110 is quite a bit more than £25 across the English channel. If you can afford it though that’s a good way to go.


also makes sense as we don’t have to faff with trains or (god forbid) a flight on the way back