Cycling Thread 3.0


Manage one :joy:


Oh sweet! Manchester or elsewhere? I’m pals with Luke who manages the Manchester one and know quite a few of their (mostly former, now) staff.

Edit: probably not Manchester if I know the manager there huh


:grinning::grinning::grinning: was wondering what you were on about before that edit




tdf goes up the toumalet on july 20th, i have found a hotel 15km downhill in the campan valley for £51





this place:


well I have now booked this

other nearby climbs worth doing? hautacam (looks a bit… unsteady)? col d’aspin? Hourquette d’Ancizan? @harru talk to me, am i going to struggle?


In the valley you’re on, Horquette d’Ancizan and the Aspin. The rest are the other side of the Tourmalet


warm socks: talk to me

have always just worn the same socks whether its hot or cold and stuck overshoes on top if its cold. but yesterday was kinda inbetween. too hot for overshoes but not quite summer socks. de feet woolie boolie, yeah?

(i think what probably made the difference was having to cycle through a puddle that didn’t look that deep but actually completely submerged both my feet in icy water about 40 mins into a four hour ride. lovely.)

(fell off the side of the path and nearly stacked it in the same puddle on the way back too. that would have been good)



impressive first ride in ages for you yesterday m9. worried about the big madge a bit now.


I am doing this!!!

I am taking a car though :zipper_mouth_face:


you did more than twice the distance I did!! :joy:


@rich-t and possibly @casinobay and @deadonthestairs from memory are the pyrenneans… I’ve never been to that side of France, but am going at the start of July!

If youre heading eastwards or even north to brittany I could be more help tho…


With regards to big famous climbs in general, they’re all fine, if you’re happy enough with sa calobra then they’re not much different(apart from that glieres bastards from last summer, jeeeeeeezzzz)

It sounds wanky but one thing to consider is the altitude, you’ll always be surprised at how differently your body acts at 1000m+ compared to sea level.




So feminism/cycling question!

Had a nice ride yesterday (one brief violent patch of hail notwithstanding) and at one point got overtaken by a woman on a road bike (no idea if she’d been drafting behind me as I was in a world of my own and it was windy as heck). Anyway after she overtook me I kept close to her to slipstream a bit out of the wind and carried on like this for a while until I turned off onto another road.

Was telling my TV about my ride and she got very jumpy at this bit and said that if we were walking I wouldn’t walk close behind a woman on the pavement as this could be intimidating and unpleasant for women to have a strange man lurking behind them and why was cycling any different?

So, women of the cycling thread, what are you thoughts about men drafting behind you? Is there an etiquette? Is it an issue?


It’s fine, had loads of men drafting me yesterday :woman_shrugging:


it wouldn’t even occur to me that it was weird tbh, but I’d appreciate either getting some help in return, or some thanks


Yeah this is a good point. I took ages up the Tourmalet, partly because it was 30°c plus, partly because it was a nice jolly day and partly because riding above 1300m is tough.

@plasticniki the Tourmalet is tough, basically because, of it’s 19km length, half of it is in a straight line, with very few deviations and gradient changes. After half way it starts to pick it’s way through to the top of the mountains with lots of hairpins. The final km on the luz side is 11% average.

In terms of your trip, if you’re staying in the campan valley, those climbs I listed above are your best bet. Hautacam is too far and isn’t a pass. So Tourmalet, Aspin and Horquette.