Cycling Thread 3.0


Mtb? These are road shifters, so I’d need to replace the whole groupset pretty much

Got the bike back to the shop, brakes now work but I’m sure they should be better than they are, there’s no… Urgency in them. Hard to explain. They do stop me, it’s impossible to lock up the front wheel though.

Gonna do a road test in my street comparing my rim brake road bike, gfs hybrid shimano hydraulics, and the srams. :laughing::nerd_face:

Reckon the shimano discs will win by a mile.


are they cable or hydraulic? you got compressionless outers?


Apex hydraulics, if I have a compressionless outer I am unaware of it.

(wth is a compressionless outer?!)


Stupid question - are the front and rear calipers interchangeable? Maybe I could try swapping them over and then make another huge brake fluid mess and make everything even worse!


Yeah these were on a MTB, it came with the srams

I have Shimano road brakes (ultegras) on my stooshie and they are fantastic

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only applies to cabled brakes, not hydraulics. it refers to how the outer cables are made, compressionless housings are more expensive but they don’t compress (!) ie squeeze radially meaning less friction in the system and better braking


you should be able to lock up a wheel though, something wrong there

might be your pads or rotors are contaminated with a bit of oil or something


Pads are fine - I’ll swap rotors around and see if that makes any difference. As I say though they’ve always been like this, not even sure they should be better (but I think they should).


Basically this (annoyingly of course this thread just ends and there’s no conclusion)


get overly irked when people spell ‘disc’ with a k

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Oh, cool, thanks. Is there a group of you going? I’ll drop you a line when I know what I’m doing.


there will be a lot of Penge people but I’ve not really worked it out yet


I’m seven weeks into Project “Start Cycling” and today I decided to reattempt the first proper route I tried. Got round it 45 minutes quicker this time round, which I am quietly pleased with :smiley:


plz join:

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Cycling is fun isn’t it?

Are intervals fun? Probably not. But I’m gonna try them, going for quick 30 minute rides after work. Anyone tried anything like this and lasted for more than 12 minutes?


yes, though I decided to wash my bike last night and my hands are COVERED in grease and oil even this morning, and one of my disc rotors is making an annoying swishy swish sound when unnder load, so they’re also incredibly annoying

Not really. Wouldn’t do it on the road because traffic and that.


V02 max intervals, yes! great fun!

threshold intervals, no! really bad!


i’ve tried a couple of times. it’s well harder than you would think and a definite skill. think the secret is picking the right roads to do it on.


There’s a really good off road cycling path by the coast not too far from me :sunglasses:


Get something like these, life saver when working on the minging commuters.|s9hZN2J3t_dm|pcrid|294740729966|pkw||pmt||prd|620283IE&gclid=Cj0KCQjwoInnBRDDARIsANBVyAS8dfpyxcteQo7H7ev7R1U1F8u5GidPOU09pt6v5bmEL37wfnYqr9MaAg0oEALw_wcB