Cycling Thread 3.0

Obviously she should play around with a few to find the best one - I’m not suggesting clubbuzz will be the best - there’s many options

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The useful thing these apps do is that you can list out multiple events in an invite and people can select which ones they can make or want to do.

This comes in handy when you have a pool of players, but matches/rides starting in different locations and at different times.

one thing we have a problem with is people not understanding how riderhq works - removing yourself from a ride is a proper ballache, and people constantly don’t know how to navigate to the correct page! it’s very annoying. i was trying to look for something like spond / clubbuzz, but failing, so thank you so much and also @laelfy :heart:

Ride Leaders get discounts on subs/kit, maybe?

special caps for leaders was my idea

I’ve just taken a few screenshots to show how we use it.

A week ahead of the matches we get sent a poll asking for availability (this has a deadline, after which the poll is closed):

And then the captains/Chair of Selectors pick the squads and create individual events for each match, and invites are automatically sent out.

I’m not sure that this is the most efficient way of doing it, but we have a large age range (15-70+) in that sub-group, and they’ve all managed to work it out.

good idea

how about be more strict with group numbers? first come, first serve. once the group has 8 attendees, you can’t join and would need to find a different group or not ride. but if you have led a ride in the past month, you get a priority spot for any group.

maybe that’s too complicated

we’re tying to make volunteering one of the things you have do to as part of club membership - it’s worked pretty well so far with folk doing all sorts of things as we have a lot of opportunities to get involved.

another problem is because we have historically been very laid back (it was only last year that we introduced having to “sign up” for rides, and also a cap on numbers) people think they can still turn up and ride, even if this means that groups are too large. some groups (the fast chaps, for example) don’t abide by any of the rules and just do whatever the hell they want as well.

difficult isn’t it? you don’t want to be a dick and put people off from coming but you can’t have everyone fucking it up and doing what they want

Maybe a total rethink might be in order then? If 100 is too hard to organise, something may have to change. Personally don’t overly get the idea of having 3 different ride lengths then having varying speeds involved. But totally get that this was introduced to manage group numbers.

Venta has 3 speeds, 15mph, 16-17mph and 19-20mph, with the rides getting longer the faster the group is. Each group takes a vastly different route to the others. They’re no drop and there’s a rota of ride leaders who post their route in advance so people can decide which they’re going to do. These get posted on the club FB page during the week. Don’t think they do anything formally in terms of people signing up. Works for them. I’ve never liked having to pre-sign for a ride personally, but then I didn’t club ride too often

How about making the fast guys splinter and sort themselves out, as their rides will be more training focussed. Don’t forget that people get all sorts of things out of their club experience. Some are race focussed, some are serious for fitness reasons, some are novices and are trying out, some are social. Maybe a social only cafe ride of 40km could separate some of the groups out.

Or, just turn the whole thing into an audax only venture


what an IDEA

What causes this to happen to a tyre??

Tube didn’t puncture, but tyre was ballooned out of shape. I’m assured no objects or potholes were hit… I’m also sure it’s only got about 2k km wear on it.


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Yeah, fucking sort it out @harru


fluffy? lol.

what tyres are they?

Bits of carpet most probably

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i know EXACTLY what causes this but I’m not going to tell you because you fixed the UPLOADING



yesterday my life was full of smooth

Thanks guys!

It’s a Michelin road tyre, cheapish but still idk 20 euros or something