Cycling Thread 3.0

not quick enough with that edit m9, pnikkers is now planning a 400km for you


two weeks in a row I’ve done Big Bike Rides, right

two weeks in a row I’ve not even featured on the club leaderboard

what have I done

Tested the new ELEMNT BOLT out on a sprints session after work. I love it so much already - the real-time info & progress on my favourite Strava segments pushed me far harder than I’ve ever cycled before. Managed to sneak a 3rd overall on one local loop and took 80 seconds off my best time up the 0.4 mile 12% gradient killer climb despite already being knackered at the bottom :smiley:



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I should’ve put on my new cycling jersey rather than an old King Crimson t-shirt, then I might’ve really flown :slight_smile:

you have to keep something in the tank for next time!

Very true. Appropriate artwork worn today, though :slight_smile:


(photo not actually me)

Imperial units represent!


In an ideal world I’d have distance in miles and elevation in metres, but Strava won’t contemplate such madness…


I unleashed hell on a man who decided to barge me with his bike handles (and the back of his hand to my arse/thigh!!) because I was “breaking the rules”.

What rule was that?

That I moved to a huge empty space at the front of a very wide bike lane when the lights were red.

He barged me hard, I asked wtf was he doing…to which he suddenly was not a big brave man anymore because he decided to pretend I didn’t exist whilst I was talking to him 2cm from me. I caught up with him at the next light and spoke to him again to which he just kept on about how he’s sick of seeing people break the rules and that I must obey the rules. WHAT RULE. It’s absolutely none of your business where I cycle or stop at the lights. Also what rule gives you the right to touch me in any capacity??
Other men did the same thing. Did they get a barge? Of course not!
I swear these blokes do this to women cause they think we’re going to be quiet about it but fuck me, I laid into him hard.
A man would have lamped him 100%

A similar thing happened to me the other week, was waiting for a taxi minding my own business and a (presumably drunk) man blew a lung full of smoke directly into my face and then walked off - absolutely no way he would’ve done that to a man would he. They do it cause they know there’s no repercussions.

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sounds like a proper dickhead :roll_eyes:

Don’t worry, these people will cross the wrong person one day and get a punch to the face.

Gcn have a new American presenter (some ex cx Pro or something? Dunno)

And he is the most annoying American person ever (yes, that bad)

Dont mind the rest of them now, the 2 really posh ones aren’t great though (John Travolta is the worst one by a mile).


disagree totally

really like powers. john travolta is great, seems to actually know what he’s talking about.

posh guy is shite though. cunt can barely speak. seems to fluff every other line.

pretty much stopped watching it though tbf

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My mate’s son finished 6th in the TT at the European Youth Olympics. Cracking result


I offered to replace my mates cassette, chain and pedals, after he complained about his bike and I decided they were all well over due.

I don’t know exactly what they did at the service had he had earlier in the year, not a lot I’m guessing. Not only did they not spot his chain was really well worn, but they clearly didn’t service his hubs, as the cassette had seized on badly. The cassette and the pedals needed some encouragement with a long pipe, and an extra couple of pairs of hands.

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btw top tip - stick it in the big ring when you’re trying to remove stubborn pedals. your knuckles will thank you.


How fast??? That’s better than bardet. (meant as a complement :grin:)