Cycling Thread 3.0

yeah it’s premium only

Shit it’s updated now. Has it stolen info from my wahoo and auto updated? Irked!

Why does it think I’m a woman

maybe you have really nice legs


My mate’s son has been picked as one of 6 cyclists for the European Youth Olympics. Big things for that kiddo


Got round the Grinduro successfully :slight_smile: Was well out of my comfort zone in the long sections of steep, technical, horribly rocky and root-infested single-track (some of them would’ve been a struggle on a full-sus MB, let alone a gravel bike!) but I managed much better than I expected. Bimbled around compared to the wads, but I overtook enough people on the timed sections to make me happy :smiley:


total disaster right before starting the dunwich dynamo on saturday night: got halfway to our friends’ flat and the rear brake lever just went totally “floppy” and had a ridic amount of travel, no tension apart from the very last bit when pushing it in when it would just about bite, but not really.

had to ride home and swap everything onto my other bike, which… wasn’t very comfy for 400km :grimacing:

now i need to go and bloody fix the other bike. good job it didn’t happen when it properly mattered though, i guess.

How was it this year? Was it much busier due to there not being a clash with the Ride100 thing?

we left quite early again, 7.30pm from london fields. no problems with queues at anywhere we stopped. most annoying thing was the huge amount of people with inadequate lights / flashing monstrosities. took a slightly different route back, which overlapped a bit with the way out. at 9am i couldn’t believe there were still people riding to the beach!



who knows about disc brakes, what’s happening to mine?

Mechanical or hydro??

If it’s hydro this is sort of what happened to mine - it got progressively worse until it went floppy like yours, then randomly recovered about 5 seconds before I took it to the shop, then of course immediately went shit again.

Basically it’s a job for the lbs unless you have some experienced #mtbmates

(if it’s mech then Idfk, it’s just a cable tension system like rim brakes so…)

cable operated hydraulics (TRP HY/RD)

urgh. genuinely feels totally fine now. fucking hate bikes

Oh… OK I have no idea what that is, sorry :upside_down_face:

Cable hydraulics? Where’s the… Hydro??

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the resevoir and piston are sealed together inside the brake caliper, then it’s actuated with regular mechanical cables

so it’s a mechanical cable that is operating a hydraulic piston. you get the the dual piston engagement and auto pad wear adjustment of a fully hydraulic system, but you lose out on the feel of it as you still have to deal with cable stretch etc. (but on the plus side you can use regular mechanical sti levers) it’s a kind of compromise system.




sounds like there’s air in it and it needs bled but the thing about that particular caliper is that because there’s no hoses or lever connected it’s all sealed quite well and shouldn’t be as susceptible to air bubbles

fuck knows though. get it in the canal to be safe.


Don’t listen to him japes, I learned something today.

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Right folks I’m doing loads more cycling now that I’m about to break up for summer so can I have your best recommendations for a couple of things please?

I think it’s about time to get a cycling computer thingy to live on my handle bars. Needs to be compatible with komoot route planning and show a nice clear map so I don’t get horribly lost. Recommendations?

I also need some new tops and shorts (not bib). Where is the best place to get such things that isn’t hideously expensive.

Wiggle’s DHB range

Computer - no idea about what is compatible with Komoot, but these dickheads and my dad like their Wahoo computers so those

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