Cycling Thread 3.0

He’s 16!

clearly doping

Obviously. Wouldn’t have it any other way

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is he planning on going pro?

I reckon he will if it comes his way. He’s part of British Cycling’s youth development programme, and is 6th best European Youth in the TT, so he has a big chance

Join ineos to make uncy rich proud


He’s hilarious. Came on a group ride with us when he was 13. We went up box hill and pushed it hard. His brother (15 at the time and national hill climb youth champion) attacked at the bottom and dragged Josh out with him. Josh sat on his wheel all the way up and came past him after the final corner, and won the little hill climb we were doing. His brother wasn’t happy and started moaning at Josh for sandbagging, who replied “Should have ridden quicker up there then, and not allowed me to jump you off the last corner, dickhead”. Brilliant

Gotta get your start at team wiggins though surely, to learn the basics.


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How to find a vein?



We stopped at the café at the top of Box Hill and they had this running arguement for about 20mins. Was so so funny, watching the 13yo wind his sulking brother up about smashing him up Box Hill

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So I’m looking at zwift capable trainers again for the winter

Where I live rn is too rubbish for short rides, takes to long to get through the city. So in the winter I have convinced myself ill use it.

Who has one? @japes? Talk me out of it.

Wait, is that G???


get one, they’re great

go for a direct drive smart one though

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Heard good things about the Wattbike Atom from professional shills, Richard Moore and Lionel Birnie

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Shall I get a direct drive one

Tbf I’m such a data geek I reckon if I set up some fitness programme and could track progress with the power meter shite I reckon I would actually use it (for a while).

hate that advert

Are you more of a peleton girl?

i would never do such a thing

yeah, direct drive is the way to go. you can find plenty of them second hand now too if you don’t want to drop loads on one. if it’s not for you then just punt it.