Cycling Thread 3.0

It’s great that they cost 800 quid and they don’t even include a cassette so you can actually use the thing :smiley:

I know why obvs, but cmon lads!

3 and a bit weeks until pbp

so much to do

currently fluctuating between excitement and dread


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when i first got mine i was too tight to buy another cassette so just swapped it over each time

such a fucking hassle

u r a numpty

niki what jersey should i buy

need something for hot weather

dhb aeron

in orange?

yeah in orange

i am really pleased with the aeron bib shorts i have, pretty sure they are now my go-to brand. they do a yellow jersey for the women which i really want.

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UK hot or actual hot??

I have lightweight jerseys that can’t actually wear here (without a base layer at least) because its actually never warm enough


if you’re feeling spendy, rapha’s flyweight ones are VG

going to the alps next month

should probably buy something i can wear more than once though I guess

I have the lightweight rapha jerseys, they are great in the Alps.

Went out last weekend in Belfast in ~20 degrees in one, without a base layer or jacket and wished I hadn’t

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I wore one to work today, with a base layer, and it was noticeably cooler than what I was wearing earlier in the week.

transcontinental starts today. dotwatching here:

i will be watching:

#179, a new penge cc member (literally only found out about this chap two weeks ago, i have never met him, bit weird yes)

#142, known as hippy in various internet places, has ridden before, did a hyper randonneur earlier in the year, the trans pyrenees and race across the netherlands earlier in the year

#162, themanfromicon, all round nice chap, rode as a pair a couple of years ago, has a very good insta account which should be good

#219, chris herbert, think he might get a podium place, finished 2nd in LEL in 2017 and is pretty fast

#80, rides with audax club bristol and has done some very long training rides

#2, matthew falconer, came 2nd last year, and given james hayden ain’t riding this year he has a strong chance

#5, ivan cornell, organiser of the shark and greenwich mean climb audaxes. he’s riding fixed. insane.

#230, jenny tough, 1st woman at the silk road mountain race last year

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christ, I was almost going backwards going up devils dyke ffs and he’s doing the alps, what a hero.

My mate’s son finished 9th in the European youth Olympics with a dig off the front, after spending the race shutting down moves and policing the race for GB’s sprinter. He’s gutted, both from a team and personal viewpoint, but it was a very disciplined ride apparently.

@plasticniki what’s the go-to long lasting light for audax nerds? do i just get something that works off AAs and take a fuck ton of them?

or USB and a battery pack thing.

If you’re willing to spend loads, Exposure Strada (really wish I could afford one of these).

I have a Moon Meteor Storm. Will last overnight on pitch black lanes on the third-brightest setting with ~half the battery left, but if you’re off-roading you’ll need to use the brighter settings.

My back up is a cheapo Halfords Bikehut thing, 1600 lumens at its brightest, but it doesn’t last very long. Both these lights can be charged with a battery pack, while they’re on as well.

Rear light: nothing really competes with the Exposure TraceR, but it can only be mounted on your seatpost, which might be a problem if you’re running a big saddle bag as the mount doesn’t allow it to be used on a saddle bag. I have managed to bodge seat stay mounting but it isn’t ideal. For PBP I will probably be running battery lights at the rear so I don’t need to worry about recharging.

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kin hell, it’s £300

could build myself a dynamo setup for that probably idk