Cycling Thread 3.0

I reckon (and this is just spitballing) it’s people trying to get sponsorship for posts by being like give me some free shoes and I’ll tag your company in my strava uploads for my 13,000 strava followers. That’s essentially the model on Instagram isn’t it?


niki managed to squeeze some bars out of someone so why not i guess

anyone been to the ronda area of spain to do some cycling?

Help me Ronda



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Super Rondanneur

Rondanneur Round the Year

very boring post coming up

talk to me about bottom brackets guys. i am going to get this i think:

says “shimano hollow tech compatible”

currently i have a non-series shimano hollowtech crankset fitted, this one:

the bottom bracket is this one:


to fit the new crankset, will i need a new bb? i’m right in thinking i can just buy the same bb as i already have if that’s the case? why are bbs so confusing?

great question

will i need a new bb?


i can just buy the same bb as i already have

yes, if you like

they’re both 24mm spindle cranksets so should be interchangeable afaik

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so literally can just be a straight swap, and because i don’t need to remove the bb, it doesn’t need replacing?


pretty sure, yeah

“there (sic) subcomact (sic) chainset”


EDIT : You might say… they make me …:dark_sunglasses:… sic :sunglasses:

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Just got this targeted advert on facebook



“sensible” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


the irony being that 400 is actually, imo, the most difficult length of audax

i won’t be entering, not because i didn’t enjoy it (it’s a great event, all controls apart from one are fully catered village hall type ones), but because i don’t feel the need to do it again and i’d like to do different audaxes on roads i’ve never been on. and yes, okay, i am still a bit scarred by how cold it was.

Just did an extra loop at the end of a ride to make it a 100 miler. Is this…is this how you start on the slippery slope to audax??


Nah, you need to talk in kms for a start and sleep in a bus shelter


i’ve never done this

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do the london wales london people know this?! you shouldn’t be allowed on the poster

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