Cycling Thread 3.0

s’ok, halfords have some (and stock will be better in a couple of weeks right?)

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Need to buy a fan, are there any good places to buy apart from shitty amazon?

internet says I need a ‘gym fan’ which goes on the floor


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places like screwfix do pretty big ones for quite cheap? I’ve just got a shitey regular desk fan. works fine, but one with a remote control might be nice.

a lot of hardcore turbo users say you should get an ‘air mover’ rather than a fan. something like:

but they’re pretty expensive. then there’s always

£200 fan… oh yeah

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Looking forward to Rapha getting into the air mover game. Black air mover with a pink stripe, £350 pls


Actually the cheapest you could possibly sell a proper quality fan for

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Rapha x Dyson air mover

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problem is the big uk shops don’t like delivering here, and the irish equivalents never seem to have anything in stock (topical!)

Usually I get stuff shipped to Belfast and pick it when whenever I next visit…

…amazon it is.

that vacmaster thing looks right up my street but how loud is it??!


Mrs F went to Tesco’s yesterday to buy some milk. They only had four pint bottles left, so she bought one. Then we had to work out a way to freeze some.

So my bidon is now in the freezer, full of milk. (Yes I only have one. I only need one.)

Last night I filled some of those ice cube-making bags with milk. Hope it works

you can’t drink four pints of milk before it goes off?

between two people?

I don’t drink it at all. I only ever use it for making cheese sauce. Which I intend to do. Plus we have a milk delivery, but it’s been a bit patchy lately for some reason, so we might end up with another two pints tomorrow.

I’d estimate the working percentage at 100%.

Jesus I come in the cycling thread for a good honest chat about bidons and all people want to talk about is milk!


there are also two currently on my bike on the turbo

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Blimey how much milk do you get through?!


I’m strictly on the oat but plasticmike has no trouble getting through 4 pints himself before it goes off