Cycling Thread 3.0


2 key questions

What brand are your mechs (shimano, sram/ campagnalo/ something else)?

How many cogs / sprockets do you have on the rear cassette / your crankset


I know that you are using words that exist, but they mean nothing to me.

Some googling seems to indicate that they are ‘Microshift’


Really can’t be arsed commuting 12 miles each way now the afternoons are quite warm. Maybe time to get a train pass and just cycle into work.


are L02A and L04C pads interchangeable?

you would think the answer to this question might be found on The Internet but you would be wrong


I haven’t a foggiest


let’s speculate wildly!

  • yes
  • no

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guy in this thread mentions switching from
one to the other, which would suggest that they are


you know how wiggle has the Q&A bit at the bottom of products? two people have asked if they can switch between them, reply to the first question is yes. reply to the second question is no.

fuck sake.


the wiggle q&as are always like that, i reckon people do it on purpose.


you tried the live Q&A chat thing?



might give it a go for a laugh.

oh wait, can’t find a live chat thing. I would have to email BOO


Disc twat


Back from LEJOG. What next?



Serves you right @japes, you prick






The thought of doing Cornwall last makes me feel ill


Srs, something like @casinobay is doing

Hope yr ok m9


Yeah, sounds great!

I’m fine, still got a sore / numb hand but that’s it. If I didn’t need to replace my tyres immediately I’d be out this weekend, but yeah, need to choose some.