Cycling Thread 3.0


The Wild Atlantic Way looks boss


How about the velodyssey, like @casinobay did.


recreate those ewan mcgregor motorcycle trips on proper bikes


I didn’t want to post it whilst Nickers was cycling but did you see that lad who did LEJOG last week in 43 hours ?!?!?!

@plasticniki you should try and beat him. You only have to did it at an average speed of more than 31km/h :sweat_smile:


Utterly ridiculous


can’t read about the dolomites without getting this stuck in my head



Best bit, worst bit?


I want to do this a lot. Need to find a slowcoach to come with me


Me da done part of it as part of his London-Gibraltar ride. Loved it.


Best bit: Scotland. Specifically the hidden road that apparently no one knows exists between Drumlanrig Castle and New Cumnock skirting the A76. You feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere. Equally: the road to the south of Loch Ness, and then the view looking down to Ardgay / Bonar Bridge and the subsequent descent. And then the ride from Invershin to the coast via the Crask Inn and Altnaharra. So good. The Lochs on day seven.

Worst bit: four punctures. Being knackered on day seven and not appreciating it enough. Getting in so late on two days that dinner was a quick supermarket dash. The hotel at JOG which is a total shithole.


This is amazing

As is this

And this is so isolated it’s amazing


Or MizMal? Or both?

Personally, I want to cycle the Camino de Santiago although it’s a bit off roady…


That last one I saw an otter or something leap across the road and also loads of deer and eagles


I pass signs for Drumlanrig Castle every time I drive home and I always think I should detour and have a gander. Might do it next time.


Passing the castle was halfway on our longest day and I thought that to use the cafe there you had to pay to go in but nope, you don’t have to. I had a really nice rhubarb soda and a v good cheese and chutney sandwich. It was boiling.


That climb from Lairg is brilliant. We got passed solely by logging lorries and nothing else, and it felt so so isolated. The descent to altnaharra is full of #geographychat and then the road from Altnaharra to Bettyhill is just as isolated.

Unfortunately we saw fuck all as it spent the whole time from Bristol onwards pissing it down.


It was very weird how Scotland was by far and away the best bit. The only nice bit of England was the Forest of Bowland (Devon and Cornwall are obv good but too hilly forme to enjoy) and then in Wales the descent to Tintern is amazing. But yeah, Scotland.


I enjoyed the cycle through the Wye Valley to Monmouth, which is something you guys missed for reasons. And we did Dartmoor which was incredible. Other than that, it’s amazing how the middle is basically one continual urban sprawl


It feels really blurry now :upside_down_face:


Well done to The Plastics!! What an achievement!!