Cycling Thread 3.0



So today was Col De Aubisque day. But everyone told me the route was closed near Gourette. So I had a detour planned via Lourdes.
Then 2 cyclists told me today at breakfast that they went over the Col 2 days ago…the workmen let cyclists through.
So I haul ass 6 miles up the hill and, it’s closed completely!!! Absolutely no way through.
So, I cycled back down (which was great!!) And THEN had to do the big detour!! 72 miles today…should have been about 45!


Where are you staying Tonight?


Luz Saint sauvier, at the bottom of the Col Du Tourmalet.


Weird place. There’s a really nice patisserie at the corner of the Place 8 Mai.

Was just thinking of your diversion, and there is a small road that joins the top of the col du solour which would’ve saved the trip into Lourdes. And did you find the voie verte that runs along the valley from Lourdes to Argeles-Gazost?


Not that that helps now mind.

FYI, for tomorrow, and the Tourmalet. the first 3 miles and the last 2 are the hardest. The first bit is arrow straight and tough. Find a rhythm. Then there’s a few hairpins into Barages. There’s food and water here, could be worth a stop. Then after the roads starts to wind up the mountain to Super Barages ski stations. There’s an old road that is still navigable by bike, but I stuck to the main road. The final 5km (3miles) are twisty and tough. Amazing views at the top of you have the weather.

Seriously enjoyable. Very envious


Already clocked that patisserie!!
I was going to ride that other road but couldn’t be bothered with another long climb so I stuck with the main roads. The cycle path from Lourdes was brilliant!! The the ride along the Gorges De Luz was incredible!
I’m ready for Tourmalet tomorrow. Then either Col d’Aspin or there’s another route over the Hourquette d’Ancizan which is higher and more remote.
Cheers for the advice!


Horquette d’ancizan


The pics there look great. Col d’Aspin can wait for another year!


You logging / recording your rides anywhere?


I mean, yeah, I’ve had worse days


Yes mate. How was it?


It was brilliant! Hardest part was going up to and through Bareges and the final kilometre. Last 500m must be 15%!
The scenery all the way up was incredible. Perfect weather!
Took me just under 2 hours 30 mins.


Cow Du Tourmalet


That last km averages 11%. Was there a photographer on the road trying to take your pic?

Man really wanna head out there again.


They are on that ridewithgps site that you used for lejog.
Not sure if you can view them though. Maybe try a search for casinobay


And I only used it to check distance and elevation. I’ve not added it to a GPS system


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