Cycling Thread 3.0


yep, that’s the plan (once the room’s clear of our living room furniture)



Glad you enjoyed Scotland the best :+1:


re: it not seeming like a big deal

i think it’s one of those achievements where even people that don’t know about cycling can appreciate what you’ve actually just done. like you tell them you’ve done 200km or 400km it doesn’t really mean anything (unless you ride bikes) but a normie can picture cycling from one end of the country to the other


thanks for using the title

really great read, well done again!


That’s a brilliant piece nikster!! I can’t imagine doing the distances you were doing every day!

And you didn’t really get to see the best parts of Scotland!


How are you doing?


Brilliant, how are you doing?


Uncomfortably warm and sweating. Ride going ok?


Cycle is going great!
Today I did three Cols.
Col De Mente, Col de Portet d’Aspet (pretty short at 4.5km climb but very steep, 9.7% average) and Col de la Core (14.5km uphill!).
Staying in Oust tonight.

Weather stunning, scenery stunning, legs knackered, body dehydrated.


Mate, they’re all huge TdF climbs. Smashing it :muscle:


I have COMPLETE respect for those guys!! Dopers or not!



You’re a machine.


So I’m no longer doing the OFFICIAL Thighs of Steel ride as they wouldn’t let me do the whole seven weeks (max was 1 or 2 weeks) and I would have missed a friend’s wedding. So now I’m going to do the ride on my own separately but still raise a bit of cash for the same charity. Might also end up in Istanbul instead of Athens but that is yet to be decided. Link to donate is here if any kind DiSers (like the wonderful @plasticniki, my first donor) want to chip in:

I’ve bough so much shite I didn’t think I’d need, and the list still goes on. Bike is going to be so, so heavy :frowning:


Will do next week (payday innit)


You’ll be grand! What an adventure.


I couldn’t even fasten the medium! Going to see if I can swap for xl


:+1: good luck