Cycling Thread 3.0


Ha. My large was also much too small! Thanks for nothing @plasticniki :wink:

I sold mine to a friend and ordered an XL, cba with returning it.


Cheers pals!


shit, sorry guys :(((((


It’s quite okay. I underestimated my belly a fair bit! PM must be a lean machine.

Got back what I paid and it meant my friend could try before he buyed so it all worked out in the end.


Your bike wanker membership has to be revoked. Please hand in your audax brevet and casquette pls


Bollocks are you not a lean machine m9


I really want a cap which says audax wanker on the peak please


I’ve got a Sharpie with me, I’ll sort you one out.


bello do custom caps and their stuff is really nice quality. £££ though!

(still really think we should do a run of dis bike wanker caps at some stage!)


i am willing to organise it if we can get enough takers and someone else does the designing


ok, so:

  • i would be interested in purchasing a ‘dis bike wankers’ casquette
  • i might be interested, but i’d want to see the design first
  • count me out you fucking weirdos

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All three?


careful rich, you’ll get splinters!


Milltag custom is pretty well priced and you don’t have to order in huge numbers.


Any tips to remove marks on white cycling shoes then?


New shoes required. Chuck the others in a canal


I really regret not getting 10 pairs of those white dhb ones. They’ve sold out in my size :open_mouth:




they have a thing here for making them



Swarfega probs.