Cycling Thread 3.0


YES! Got some of this as well

Will try later. No idea why I didn’t think of that before.


Those poly grains natural? :confused:




ah shite!


i’d wear that


Is this your personal one?


they might be…? :man_shrugging:


I might get it actually.


45 quid to just buy 1 :frowning:


Bargain, announces your c***yness to the world perfectly


Today’s wee climb was a 19km haul through the mist and fog to Col De Pailheres. It was freezing at the top!! Some nice hairpins on the descent though!


ooof those hairpins!


There was a tighter set that I couldn’t get a decent picture of.




Where’d be good in Italy for a cheap(ish, it’s Italy, I know) few days away cycling? Mixed terrain please, not entirely mountains.


Lake garda area?




We went to Lake Como a couple of years ago. It can be done relatively cheaply (fly into Milan, train to Varenna - where you can then pick up a ferry to anywhere around the lake); with AirBnB’s plentiful. There were loads of cyclists around. It’s absolutely stunning too.


Lake Como - beautiful, next to the Dolomites and you always see lots of cyclists about so presumably it’s good for cycling?