Cycling Thread 3.0


At the foot of the alps. Dolomites are over in Veneto, in the Northeast


We’re the famous Dulwich Hamlet and we look like Tuscany?


Do you?


You’re right, I don’t know why I said that :woman_shrugging:



There’s a journalist called Daniel Friebe who is known as the Dolomite Police and will correct anybody who uses the term “Dolomite” about the wrong area.


Thought your name was rich?


I’m known by many names


this is my dream trip I think - cycle in the day, stuff my face on italian food and wine every night



Anyone use Veloviewer here? What’s yr score?












no idea what that means


64 something. What does it meeeeean? Nearly everything I do is set to private, mind.


so… if you got a score of 100 it means that you are the KOM in every segment you’ve ridden (or in your best 25% of results, as those are the only ones it uses)

… maybe


It’s time for the biannual wheres that squeaking noise coming from…?

Will fix it tomorrow hopefully


Your knee?


Favourite time of the year for me.

My bike is sounding the most silent it’s ever sounded at the moment. Chances of that changing tomorrow are very high.

Last creak was my wheel making a noise against the drop outs. Bit of lube and lovely silence.


Hey wankers ( I’m not a wanker, I’m a tourer), I’ve finished cycling across the Pyrenees!!
Totalled 525 miles of looooooong ups, and yeeaaaaaaahhhhh downs.