Cycling Thread 3.0


Ah, amazing! Sounds amazing pal. Hope you’re having a great time.

I’ve just finished putting mine together and going out for a test ride to check dynamo USB charger works :confused:


Looks good, man! The handle bar bag is really handy!
Although I’d leave the multi coloured cushion between your frame at home :wink:


Hell yeah son. Massive achievement. Well done!


Cheers! There were times, especially the first couple of climbs, that I didn’t think I’d manage it. The hills are like nothing I’ve ever experienced. So fucking long and relentlessly steep. Plus the heat. Plus I’m haulin’ a load of junk in my trunk.
Overall, just on the right side of enjoyable.


Just looked and NONE of the climbs I did in the Pyrenees are in the top 20 highest mountain passes in France! Feel like I need to up my game!

Col De l’Iseran is 2770m with 47.5km of uphill!!!


Pyrenees and Alps are different though. You’ve done the harder climbs. the Alps are steadier, ski station roads, generally. Pyrenees climbs are steeper, wilder and more isolated. The Col de Marie Blanque is many pro cyclists worst climbs, for instance.


Did that one too!


Brutal. The difference in the Basque side and the med side is huge too. The Basque climbs are savage.


Did the Etape yesterdat, it was incredibly hard. the route has been designed by sadists.

had fun though!

will do a report soon.

@casinobay Iseran is probs the worst one, too trafficy, don’t make that a priority! :slight_smile:


Good stuff m9. Wouldn’t be etape if it was easy though


Me too!!!
I think its the toughest thing Ive ever done!!

The good…

  • The route was incredible. Plateau Des Glieres and the valley after the colombier were beautiful
  • The final descent felt like a victory lap
  • The support from the locals on the roadside was a constant boost… Some of them must have been cheering all day. Courage!!!
  • Having it in a town that can actually sustain 15000 cyclists visiting, Annecy is bloody lovely and I’m off to swim in the lake today.
  • changing a puncture in about 4 mins… Hot tires so easy to get off
  • FINISHING IT!!! Plus all my pals got round so today is all about the champagne (in our Airbnb’s hot tub)

The bad…

  • feed stops were poor, glad I packed gels and bars.
  • lack of medical support on the last two climbs… See below…
  • Too many people walking up the climbs in the middle of the road. Get to the right you losers! Pushing a 7k Cervelo up the hill… Lol


  • the Glieres was Carnage. 6km at over 10% on a narrow road. People falling out of their cleats all over the place and others getting aggy.
  • Hitting the Col de Romme after 140km, my legs were gone. So steep and HOT. Underestimated that one
  • The crashes - some nasty stuff and a few people unconscious. Hope everyone is ok.
  • The HEAT was bonkers, lots of people collapsing/in trouble on the Romme. Really could have done with some marshalls or motos on the last climb as people were dropping all over the place

Summary: AWESOME


Advice requested please.

I took my bike into the local bike shop for a service last week. I’d been missing a few gear changes, but other than that it was OK, just needing some TLC.

They changed the chain and front chain rings. I then took it out for a decent ride yesterday and the gears were all over the place. Missing changes, slipping whilst in gear, and once rather alarmingly when I was in the middle of traffic in Croydon the pedals locked up on a gear change.

Obviously I’m going to take it back and ask them to “take another look”, but anyone any ideas what might be the problem so I can call bullshit if they just tell me I now need a new cassette as well?


sounds like they’ve just done a shit job to me. really, if they’re putting new chainrings and a chain on, they probably need to change the cassette too. really bad that they’d do some work on a bike and not even test that it rides okay.

where’d you take it? finches?


bit weird that they would replace the chain and chainrings without changing the cassette tbh


Canal m9. Chuck it in the canal


Yeah it was Finches. Sad really, because they did a cracking job the last time I got it serviced there.



I’ve had quite mixed experiences of them. Pretty rubbish they’d leave a bike like that.

I really rate Comptons in Catford. GBOL.


Thanks all. Useful to know that I should expect to eat it with a new cassette. I guess at that point they wouldn’t really have a leg to stand on if it’s not working fine.

Plus it’s too hot to ride into work and I fear my tennis elbow might put me off the bike for the summer anyway :frowning:


simply not true


Yeah it is. The logistics of having to shower when I get in just don’t work. I need to be able to get in sweat-free. But the main problem is my arm, so everything else is a bit of a side issue.