Cycling Thread 3.0


so many excuses (fair enough about the arm)


just checked my Strava and I’ve just passed the 7000km mark for the year :sunglasses:

Also Ultra As Fuck is now on 10,322km :sunglasses:


rode my bike for the 4th time this year yesterday :upside_down_face:


funny thing is tho, you’ll be quicker than me at Sheffield Meat II: The Bloodening


I’ve cycled more miles than you and @rich-t combined then :roll_eyes:


I’m quite depressed about it to be honest. I decided to go out for (what for me was) a longish run yesterday, out to Grove Park, Bromley then down to Hayes, Addington, Croydon, Crystal Palace and then home, about 20 miles with a couple of unpleasant climbs in the middle. Apart from getting a bit lost and very hot and thirsty it felt like a good new Sunday exercise for me, but not to put too fine a point on it my right arm is agony while I’m riding (strangely not so when I’m climbing, but always on the flat). The advice on the NHS website seems pretty unequivocal: stop doing whatever it is that makes your arm hurt, which is a lot of things, but certainly riding my bike.

So no sooner do I get back into my biking habit than I have to ditch it again.


did some bike rides in majorca (not on my bike) and a bit of indoor bike whenever i could. but wouldn’t be surprised if you have.
probably hiked further this year than i ever have though… :man_shrugging:

@plasticniki doubt it


Definitely on the descents (the only important part of a bike ride)


Oh maybe not then. I’ve done about a 1000 miles


you definitely have then.

probably twice as much as me?


Hello cyclists!

I’m going to be doing a bike ride in this sunny weather. I’d like a bag that lets me put water in it, with one of those tubes for easy drinking access, and also hold bits like a spare inner tube. I’d like it to be fairly small, for minimal back sweat, and also not be stupidly expensive. Any recommendations? Thanks


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get a seat bag and put water in a bottle on your frame = no sweaty back


if its only one ride you could just strap the tube to your seat/frame and save $


Running packs are what it sounds like you’re after, but they will make your back sweaty. It’s probably easier to get a saddle bag and a water bottle, tbh.


Stop shaming people.


Well that seems to be a fairly unanimous decision that saddle bag and frame bottle is the way to go. Thanks. I’ll investigate those instead then.


Another vote for Davidoff Cool bottle cages + saddle bag. Any backpack will give you a sweaty back in this weather, and cyclists don’t really wear hydration packs unless they’re MTBers.

If there’s a Decathlon near you, you can pick up cages, bottles and a saddle bag v cheap. They also do hydration backpacks:




On yer bike, lazy