Cycling Thread 3.0


aero af



seriously worried that my carbon seat post will fail under my weight (has a weight limit of 100kgs)


Get a stronger seat? Come on rich you can do it!


If only. I’m not going to be riding for a long time yet. My bike has a lovely layer of dust on it now


every time i think too much about this i nearly cry, srs


we haven’t had a recommend a saddle bag sub-thread for a while?

i’m still needing a new one. my arundel dual was PERFECT but I can’t find anywhere that sells them anymore. (tho it probably could have done with being more waterproof). bought a lezyne road caddy but it’s too small :cry:

need something that is only just big enough to fit two tubes and a multi tool


Priorities change, pretty apathetic about most things now tbh


Sounds like you need a big injection of CYCLING FEVER DRUGS! :syringe:


got one of those small topeak wedge ones and that fits two tubes, co2 thingy, tyre levers and multitool quite nicely.


still a big fan of my mack workshop road roll, though it will not fit 2 tubes


Deuter Bike Bag Race might work depending on the tool


also i had one of these on my red triban, really liked it:


reckon japes’ tool is massive, like

in before @twentynine




One of these things?


well, mine’s the strap version as opposed to the clip on one. (

but otherwise yeah, that’s the fella


think i might go for this one


Top Features:

  • Seat packs don’t need to be ugly




so my middle finger on my left hand is still numb from lejog. am i ever getting the feeling back?