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and at no (some) extra cost!



Get whatever dhb one is the right size, I just forked out for an ortlieb saddle bag and it isn’t as good as the dhb (reckon their micro would fit 2 tubes probs)


I don’t know but worth getting checked out surely?

(speaking as someone who never ever would bother to get anything checked out)


it’s slowly getting better. reckon there’s about 80% of feeling in it now.

i’m having all sorts of problems with this hand now. really sore palm, skin sheering off, a bit hurty. right hand is completely fine.


hacksaw & canal, m9. sorry.


I know nothing of biology and stuff, just hope you get better soon. Is it something you could ask your bike fit guy about? may have come across these things more often than a your GP…


yeah, I could, but I really cannot cba going back


I take it you’ve already read up on the subject?

Seems to be really common from the search results


Yep. The hand pain subsided when I moved the saddle down slightly during LEJOG but at the weekend I could feel it again, ever-so-slightly. On a 240km ride I did before LEJOG I could barely grip the bars at the end, it was so bad. I’ve tried different gloves / no gloves, and no difference. Really bloody weird, because I haven’t changed anything on the bike at all. Don’t understand why these problems suddenly crop up out of nowhere.


do you do stretches and stuff before/during…?




everything Ive read (cos I don’t do stretches either) is about after the bike fit, move your hands about a lot and do some stretching :man_shrugging:

are you right handed?


yep, right handed. move hands a lot on the bike now. i even checked if the bars were straight but they don’t look wonky to me.


First time on the bike in a few months - bailed into a ditch trying to reach for my water bottle


Oh dear profk man


Have you been taking photo tips off plasticmike?


why is the bottle on your seat tube and not your down tube (ysc)


Because the one on my down tube is being drunk from


just checking.