Cycling Thread 3.0


How’s the bike?


Fine thanks. I gave it a clean and a tune up at the weekend.


Bike is fine, my legs are a mess :smiley:


I’ve posted about this before, but are the ‘racing style’ cleats more comfy than the montain bike ones? I get a lot of pain on the top of my feet cycling with the mtb ones - almost as though the pedal is too small.


Different pedal strokes for different folks. But I’ve always preferred road cleats. Bigger platform for you foot imo.


I’ve got really wide feet so that may be the problem. Can’t afford new shoes and pedals rn so I’ll just keep trying to adjust them I guess


Might be the shoes. Cleat problems mainly manifest themselves in the sole of the foot, I find. I’ve had no problems with my SPD shoes.

Is the pain at the top where your foot meets your leg? Or somewhere else?


Both on the top of the foot and the…ball of the foot? The bit just beneath the toes.


I had a pain at the top of my foot where I describe and it turned out my saddle was too high.


meant to be able to get two tubes and a tool in there. hmm.

also ordered 2x tubes of high5 zero and they nicely sent me out a free packet of high5 zero to try. plus haribo thanks wiggle.



fucking wiggle pricks didn’t send me ANYTHING last time, and i ordered £70 worth of stuff! twats.


i know. I mainly just posted that to get it up ye :blush:




jokes on u tho cos you ain’t getting two 28mm tubes in there are u




had a v odd exchange with a pedestrian yesterday who decided to step out into the road when the light went green when there was a fuck tonne of bikes waiting (no cars in this spot due to road works). i kind of manouvered my bike so he’d find it hard to escape (hah) without a chat and i said “what are you doing?” to which he said something like “you have to wait for me to cross” and then another cyclist came past and shouted “you’re a fucking CUNT mate!!!” at him which i enjoyed immensely

also nearly got knocked off my a woman about to park a car this morning, when she saw me she stopped turning and beckoned for me to hurry up, so i slowed down and gave her the finger and oh no no no she did not like that


commuting in london is fucking wild guys


Lycra lout.




It can’t be worse than Dublin (maybe it can?)

Do you have to duck to be certain of avoiding the mirrors of passing double decker buses? (or when passing them)