Cycling Thread 3.0


I’m well over Canyon now, though that Ultimate CF SL I tried was fucking beautiful to ride.


Oi @grievoustim tempted by the darkside and wondering about getting a mtb on the old cycle 2 work. What’s good nowadays for £800-£1k?

NB: it’s the Halfords scheme I think so not the best choice


Funny. MTBers often call road cycling “the dark side”

Does the halfords scheme mean just bikes Halfords sell, or can they order stuff in?

If it’s just Halfords stuff, I hear the Boardman bikes are good value. Voodoo used to be a cool brand at one point (set up by Joe Murray who designed all the classic Kona bikes back in the day) but they’ve rather been dragged down in the kudos stakes by the fact they are Halfords only these days. I’m sure they are ok bikes though

I would just say, spend as much as you can and get a hardtail. Full suss bikes will be shit at that price point. Then upgrade the forks when you can afford it, and the wheels too (might need to do both at the same time thanks to axle standards and whatever)

And get a 29er


Order stuff in i think.

Used to have a gary fisher hard tail 10yrs ago or so. Nothing flash but loved it. What sort of forks and gearing will you get in that price range?



How did it compare to last year’s route?


Forks will always be the weak link at that price point. If you can find one with a rock shox Reba then get it, but most likely it will be something not so good youll want to upgrade at some point. Gears will be Shimano deore with maybe an xt rear mech mixed in . If you can find a bike with any Shimano hydraulic break that’s a win cos they are excellent, even the cheaper ones. If you see something that catches your eye link me up and I’ll have a look


Oh and personally I prefer a 1x drivetrain for MTB. I find a 2x or 3x unusable since making the switch


Much, much harder. The heat may have been a factor, and I didn’t do as much climbing in preparation, but i spoke to lots of wizened old French mountain men who all said this was the toughest they’d known.


Just an idea that the TV is trying to shoot down atm.


Out of those 2 the oreba. The recon is a decent fork, and tubeless ready rims is a plus



That’s the one. A Reba for a grand is not to be sniffed at


Discretion required. Absolutely sickening




jesus fucking christ what a cunt


And what’s worse are the tweets underneath that tweet, asking why the cyclist drifted out further into the road. Fuck off m9.

obviously not worse than the accident, but it’s an awful attitude


Had to stop reading the comments

Found out the driver was 81 and it’s confirming my prejudice against old people. Still behind van and 4x4 drivers obvs


Oh my god that’s awful


And then, in The Times today, there’s a call for mandatory bike bells