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hello everyone - first foray into the cycling thread for me for a long while!

i’m finally going to bite the bullet and get a decent bike. I’ve signed up for a 78mile ride round the Devil’s Punch Bowl in fucking November as a way to force myself to get fit, and I fucking love cycling and just need to do it more. having an old steel framed tourer (and by old i mean from before I was born) just doesn’t give me the confidence to go out with my mates on their carbon monsters, especially as i’m very unfit. i can bust out 30miles in a couple of hours on a mountain bike still though so figured a nice road bike will give me the incentive to get back into cycling properly.


i’m looking at this because all the reviews are overwhelmingly positive and if I can force my work to do the Cycle To Work scheme it seems like an absolute bargain - does anyone have any reasoning as to why I shouldn’t get it? or other bikes in a similar price range that are better? it’s not as ‘cool’ looking (i.e. not stealth grey) as other bikes but the performance is what matters i guess. the issues that reviews have seem to be the brakes aren’t amazing - how easy/cheap is this to fix? someone suggests just switching the pads to softer ones once they wear out, so they can’t be that bad in general…

anyway, any thoughts greatly appreciated. please say a secular prayer for me as this ride in November, whilst it’s a while away, will probably be the end of me.


Welcome back!

There’s nothing particularly wrong with that Boardman and the press love it and it is good value.


I’d say that a carbon frame at this price point isn’t really going to be any better than a decent aluminium one. And if you go aluminium you’ll get better components, like better gears and brakes and maybe wheels.

I’d recommend that (it’s the new version of my bike which I do all my rides on) but it looks like it has a semi-compact chainset, meaning the gearing is slightly higher than the Boardman = harder to get up steep hills. It’s only very slightly higher gearing than the Boardman, though.

As for the brakes on the Boardman, yep, changing the pads will help.

If you’re aiming for a sportive in November I would recommend getting mudguards. Even if it hasn’t been raining in winter the roads are full of mud and other crap. I have clip on Race Blades and they do a decent job of keeping me clean, dry, and make riding in a group better as you’re not giving anyone behind you a face fill of dirty water. Also, you have plenty of time to prepare for that ride. It’s not far or particularly hilly so you’ll be fine! :slightly_smiling_face:




Full Shimano 105 (52/36 11x28T, the exact ratio I run)
Mavic Askium wheels
Carbon fork
Alu frame


FSA crank, Tektro brakes, Tiagra front mech/shifters/rear mech (50/34 12x28T):
Mavic CXP rims
Full carbon

The Btwin wins 2 out of 3 of those (gearing and wheels) hands down. I’d try and avoid mixed gearing over a full groupset, which the Btwin has. The wheels on the Btwin are better than the CXPs on the Boardman, which are heavier by a mile. And as Niki says, carbon is great, but the Btwin is the same price and has much ‘better’ components, proving better value for money. All of this is IMO and you should really buy what you want to, just chucking my 2 cents in.


If you can max out your Cyclescheme and chuck in an extra bit of bunce:


Only available in a 45cm, so that’d be too small even for my TV, who rides a 46cm Bianchi


Ah shit didn’t even spot that.

Have to saw your legs off, badman.


Also, that Btwin frame is identical to mine, and it’s pretty nice. I do notice a very slight difference when riding nice carbon, but it’s not different enough for me to want to buy a carbon frame. I mean if I can ride 300km on it without issues then it must be alright.


worth checking which cycle scheme your employer uses. They all have similar names but some are more easily accepted by particular shops


Very good point, this.

Halfords only do Cycle2Work, but Cycle Republic (part of Halfords) do Bike To Work, CycleScheme and Cycle2Work. CR can obviously go outside the Carrera / Boardman range too… Orbea, Lapierre, Thirteen, etc.



Evans do one of the schemes (can’t remember which) but they also price match wiggle, so can be good for finding a bargain


yeah turns out the one my company use don’t do Decathlon which is a bit of a shitter.

I also can’t work out how long the hire agreement is for. Seems to be a scheme literally just called ‘Cycle To Work’?


And Cycle2Work is Halfords only on the face of it but loads of independent shops accept it, and Tredz.


shit one :cry:


Oh yeah always forget about tredz. Part of the same group


i’d get this if it had to be tredz:


don’t know what size you are…
edit @badmanreturns


great value, that


Yeah same tbh. New Tiagra’s just last year’s 105 so pretty decent now.

And always a thumbs up :+1: to Ribble from me @Matt_was_taken



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