Cycling Thread 4.0

Wow, you’ve done the hautacam :+1:

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La Pierre St Martin

Had plans for more, but I stopped being a bike wanker and got fat


Managed to surpass the altitude of the lower of Everest’s base camps today for this year. Quite chuffed with myself. Doing some decent times (for me) up the local hill now too.

In other news my stuff from SJS came through today. Gave my chain checker a go and it really does seem to be completely fine. Doesn’t drop in at all. I could just about convince myself that there’s some wear on one of the teeth of my smallest cog on the cassette, but it’s really not obvious.

Add to that that the problem seems to have lessened in the last week, if not gone away. Which is making me wonder if the suggestion from someone upthread that it’s something to do with the freehub is on the money. Could it perhaps just be that the grease in there is reacting badly to the cold?

Might be trying out changing a chain at the weekend though. Not on my bike obviously.

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So insulted

Sorry I couldn’t be arsed scrolling :smiley:

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Just pleased that I might be proved right about something

Could be something in the temp thing but I’m not clever enough to know

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It’s going to be a dilemma, deciding whether to replace the chain and cassette. I think what I need to do is a) find a nice straight non-busy piece of road where I can look at my cassette whilst pushing hard to see if I can see it happening, and b) just wait a while and see if it gets worse or better. For the time being it’s rideable, so no real urgency.

Had my first crash of the year today. Feels good, just a graze. Get it out the way


Is the cassette older than the chain?

Had my first chain coming off of the year today. Must be something in the air.

I suspect they’re both the same age. Probably both replaced at the last but one service.

Doubt it will be the cassette then if the chain checker is saying the chain is ok


I am sorry Niki for I have sinned


Tanked onto my kneecap today. Wasn’t even fucking cycling.


Also noooooooooooo to your knee

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Fanx. Sure it’ll be fine just a bit stiff

@frenchtoast NO

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my mum sent me a couple of mugs in the post


Why is… The drive side is on the wrong side???